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Comment Re:This doesn't make sense. (Score 2) 216

If you made it a hollow cone 1 mile tall and 1 mile wide at the base and a surface of 6in think reinforced concrete, you would be looking at only ~450m for the concrete. Now you need to have a solid structure to support that, but even then you are only looking at maybe a x2 multiplier IF you can come up with some really slick methods of erecting a self supporting cone of steel.

that being said a 1m high and wide cone could be built for ~1 billion in material costs. And for the UAE, that is nothing more than the latest show off challenge and the typical price tag to go with it. (their super sky scrapers are ~1.5 billion each)

Comment Re:Computers are no good at lying is that a joke? (Score 2) 173

this is a joke, have you ever seen a progress bar be accurate when downloading or installing something?

There is a difference between being able to lie and being good at lying. Everyone knows that progress bar is wrong, so that is bad lying. Good lying would being able to convince you it is right and making you do something different than you would because of the lie.

Comment Re:curious bias in summary (Score 1) 364

There have been some wild guesses as to Putin's wealth,

The real question for me is WHY? why do we care what Putin's personal net worth is? We already know who he is, what he does, and what is character is like. Spending energy chasing his various hidden agendas does nothing for the general public.

Now spending that energy on the revolving door that is western politics. That would be useful to either expose corrupt politicians or make it known for potentials.

Comment Re:Anyone can answer? (Score 1) 460

when i said "instant" i meant the current observed effect of gravity. As I move through space i feel gravity everywhere and always and there for the bull feels instant as i move into an area of higher gravity. i guess "constant" would have been a better term to use, but i was trying to phrase it using the words of the GP in order to make a link for the explanation.

Comment Re: Suuure (Score 1) 113

The nation didn't die from hippies, and it didn't die from signals intelligence.

I still think there is a miss communication going on here. Your correct that the nation didn't die for hippies or from signals intelligence, i never said it did. My last comment which you quoted was about the separation between "culture" and government. The governing body of a nation is not the "culture" and should not be driving the "culture".

My original post which you also quoted and responded to was plainly stating that the actions of terrorists where not successful in turning the US into a state of fear and resulting overreach of the government because they where designed to, but rather because the current government saw an opportunity to leverage it to gain more power over the people.

And sadly, we the people let them do it, not by choice but rather lack of action.

Please reread the posts before commenting further, I seriously think you are not comprehending what i'm writing.

Comment Re: Suuure (Score 1) 113

death of American culture

I'm only quoting the key relevant portion of your comment so we don't confuse issues here.

Culture is one thing - and yes every social evolution is the death of a previous "culture". Hippies where significantly different than their parents and brought on a completely new way of thinking, just as the white/blue collar workers before them and the industrial revolution before that, and many many new ones to come (right not it's the millennials).

The one constant throughout all of the culture changes in America is the government. The group which is supposed to lay down and enforce the laws of the land so that anyone of any culture can live and thrive.

What we have here, and what i was pointing to is that our Government is taking on a different role, not one of of setting down the laws and frame work which allow for cultural freedom and evolution but rather a Government which is laying down laws in order to influence and Control said culture to make it what it wants.

On the extreme ends of this are total Anarchy (complete lack of government) and Fascism (complete control by the government). While we are not there now, at the bottom of the hill is Fascism and we are driving that way more and more every day, irrespective of the "culture" of the society.

Will we be here tomorrow? yes, in 100 years? yes, in 1000 years? yes. Will we still be free to have our won "culture" that is yet to be seen and is not a guarantee.

Comment Re: Suuure (Score 5, Insightful) 113

I'm not a fan of the racial slurs so i'm not commenting or supporting that part of the comments.

But i will say that they did not

destroy America from the inside by engineering a culture of fear among American public and moral panic that lead them to discard the constitution and become a police state...

America did it to it's self, the slide down the hill had been going on for a long time. Rather than "engineering" this scenario, they became the excuse for the government to start driving downhill rather than sliding. And sadly we the people haven't done anything real about it.

(that last bit will get me on someones watch list, yaeee, job creation)

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