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Comment Re:Just a free Pandora user here. (Score 1) 115

i have had Pandora for years, i got tired of listening to the same song over and over regardless of what station i was on. also the random adding of "artist" adds for paid subscribers, where you have to turn it off per channel.... it just got to be a bit much. mix that with already having Amazon prime, and it's "free" version, which i honestly like better because the stations keep true and don't bleed over..

I'm counted in one of their 5m paid subscribers, but i canceled my membership, and don't plan on using the rest of it (from now till April)

Pandora was great - then they stop evolving, and are getting eaten up.

Comment Re:I went to the Nikola Motors website (Score 1) 144

it should work on either gas or diesel, you shouldn't have to select. If not, that's a massive failure.

While i would tend to agree with you, when it comes to a turbine very few can run multi fuel without changing a compressor stage or two and the ones that can take a heavy efficiency penalty for it. Note this is mainly military service turbines as they have to run no mater what, and a little more cost is never an issue for them.

Personally i am wondering how they are planning on passing emissions. While yes they are are going to be way low on CO2 compared to IC engines, CNG Turbines typically have high NOX levels. I want to know what Turbine they are planning on using, i couldn't find that information anywhere.

Comment Re:This doesn't make sense. (Score 2) 216

If you made it a hollow cone 1 mile tall and 1 mile wide at the base and a surface of 6in think reinforced concrete, you would be looking at only ~450m for the concrete. Now you need to have a solid structure to support that, but even then you are only looking at maybe a x2 multiplier IF you can come up with some really slick methods of erecting a self supporting cone of steel.

that being said a 1m high and wide cone could be built for ~1 billion in material costs. And for the UAE, that is nothing more than the latest show off challenge and the typical price tag to go with it. (their super sky scrapers are ~1.5 billion each)

Comment Re:Computers are no good at lying is that a joke? (Score 2) 173

this is a joke, have you ever seen a progress bar be accurate when downloading or installing something?

There is a difference between being able to lie and being good at lying. Everyone knows that progress bar is wrong, so that is bad lying. Good lying would being able to convince you it is right and making you do something different than you would because of the lie.

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