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Comment Re: So what if it was for tax purposes? (Score 0, Flamebait) 426

I think the jab is that the Post's only value is in it's ability to lose money to be written off for tax purposes. It's not a commentary on the practice of writing off money-losing assets to pay fewer taxes on money making assets.

Stop being reasonable! It came from Trump, so we need to scrutinize it in ways we would never do with other people, and find the most perverse way to misrepresent it!

Comment Re:On secession (Score 5, Insightful) 572

However, the USA seems so divided on whether to be a robber baron libertarian 'paradise' of God-fearing Christians or an Orwellian liberal state where everyone thinks what the state tells them is correct to think., that sometimes I think secession might be the way to go.

No need for secession. The solution is already in the Constitution, and it's called federalism. The federal government is supposed to have an extremely limited role in the governing of the country: courts, national defense & foreign affairs. That's pretty much it. Everything else can be handled by the states. Some people will say "What about regulating interstate commerce?" but what they don't realize is that the intention of the interstate commerce clause was to ensure free trade between the states, not to allow the federal government to impose onerous restrictions.

Comment Re: Let me guess.. (Score 1) 632

Larry Ellison bought an island, just an example off the top of my head.

So what's he going to do with it? Allow it to revert back to nature? Or is he going to BUY STUFF and bring it to that island? My bet is on the latter. He's probably not going to just fill it with antiquities, Dutch Masters paintings & Faberge eggs either. I'll bet he'll build a house; or if there's one already there, refurnish it. Do you suppose he's going to do that on his own or hire other wealthy people to do that? Of course not. Ellison purchasing an island is probably going to create income opportunities for several people.

Comment Re:Earth has room for 36 Billion (Score 1) 391

The problem is NOT that we don't have room...

There's plenty of room. The earth has a population density of 56 people per km^2. You could move the entire population to Russia, and you'd have a pop. density of 439/km^2. That would rank 27th on the current population density chart. Change that to Africa, and it would be 247/km^2, or 56th on the current chart, right above Pakistan. Granted, there are vast areas of Russia & Africa that are uninhabitable, but these are just for illustration purposes.

Comment Re:Not true (for the US) (Score 1) 472

What public land, where, can someone live without being kicked off by the government or charged for the use of it?

Go here for starters: Free Camping Near You. Go Camping For Free! Sure, some of the places listed are Walmart parking lots, but there are a ton of roadside campgrounds that you can go to. Might not get water or electrical, or even a cell signal, but you can typically hang out at those places for weeks on end if you like.

Comment Re:Tech employee here (Score 2, Insightful) 329

Yeah...I"m of the thought that most immigrant tech workers are NOT here as illegal aliens, and are not in imminent in danger of being deported.

Stop challenging the narrative! Trump is an evil, bigoted, racist, homophobic Islamophobe who wants to kill everyone who isn't a straight white evangelical! Anyone who doesn't agree is an evil, bigoted, racist, homophobic Islamophobe who wants to kill everyone who isn't a straight white evangelical!

Comment Re:Predictable results (Score 1) 289

Right. In the same way that models in the 60's couldn't predict within 1000 points what the stock market would be today, which means capitalism is a failure.

Non sequitur. The inability of a computer model to make a prediction of the stock market's value has nothing to do with the success or failure of capitalism. The stock market, like the climate, is a chaotic system, and nearly impossible to model in the first place.

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