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Comment Re:Free? Not really (Score 1) 350

"Free"? Only if you don't count the cost of the fuel you'll burn reducing the sap down to syrup or assign any value to your time. There also is the cost of the taps, buckets, and other gear in the process which aren't expensive but not free either. The process of making the syrup from sap takes many many hours. It takes about 40 parts sap to make 1 part syrup. I suppose you could do it over a wood fire outdoors but that's harder to control and you still need a large supply of wood.

He's retired, he's had the gear for years, and he's got tons of wood from dead-falls.

Comment Re:Well, no more Maple Syrup (Score 1) 350

And how long will it take for those Maples to grow in Northern Ontario? Is the soil suitable? Here, maples prefer rich bottom land soil.

They grow fine in the U.P. of Michigan, northern Ontario shouldn't have any problems. And hey, guess what? They didn't get that name because there aren't any maples in Ontario. ;-)

Comment Re:Hype (Score 1) 51

CRISPR is also CHEAP. The expensive part is figuring out how to use CRISPR effectively. You have to:
(1) speak for all of the cancer cells and their mutated variants
(2) avoid autoimmune reactions -- i.e. only go after stuff that cancer cells make and normal cells don't

Once this happens, cancer treatments will actually become less expensive than now and not require toxic chemo or radiation. Problem with current chemo or radiation is that they go after cells indiscriminately. They're more LIKELY to kill cancer cells, but they'll kill any fast-dividing cells as well (see also: hair, skin surface, inside of GI tract).

Comment Re:Autoimmune diseases (Score 3, Interesting) 51

It could. But the idea is to look at the cancer cells and the proteins they express. Find what they express that's DIFFERENT than normal cells, then go after that.

Problems are less autoimmunity, more getting all of the cancer and hitting a moving target. Cancer cells don't die naturally in response to mutations, and their replication machinery is somewhat screwed up, making them more prone to mutations. Tumors aren't composed of a single cell type, but many different mutant types, which might express different proteins. Additionally, since they mutate, a cell might express a protein today, but its progeny tomorrow may not.

For another poster -- antibodies don't die. Antibodies aren't living -- they're protein structures designed to "tag" foreign and damaged cells. They're produced by B-cells, which are living organisms.

Source: basic biochem...

Comment Re:I use preserves (Score 2) 350

A lot less calories and I like the taste better. It's a pain to find the ones that are more fruit than cane sugar though.

To each their own, but there's nothing quite like fresh maple syrup. My dad has several trees up on the farm that he taps to make his own. If you have time & patience, it's free, and you know there's no cane sugar in it. ;-)

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 274

Either that or they're bleeding people to Tesla, Google, and Facebook. Or both.

They'll have more money now, but so does Tesla, Google & Facebook. Since this is the case, they have to do something to compete in the market for labor. Keeping employees is important when businesses are going to be hiring.

Comment Re:Illusion of privacy outside (Re:ride-hailing) (Score 1) 109

(1) I'm sure plenty of people take taxis with dead cell phone batteries or even without a phone without being flagged, or remembered by the driver (who is generally yik-yakking on his own phone or just too self-absorbed to care).
(2) I'd of course not take out the battery IN the cab, but before I even flag one.
(3) FACT is that cash economies are thriving in heavily-immigrant areas of US cities.

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