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Comment Hello Japan (Score 1) 628

Your policies suck, seriously. In the past ten years, you have killed endangered species under the guise of "whale research," NUKED the Pacific Rim's oceans, air, and land, something people here in the Pacific Northwest should be very nervous about, and now we find out you are killing intelligent species because it is "tradition." Isn't time you rethink everything?

Comment Oh Please (Score 1) 846

Americans have a collective amnesia when it comes to the weather. Actually, world-wide that amnesia is present, how else can you explain one hundred year floods happening every other year.. People seem to block out that the weather in their location is stranger today than it was ten years ago. Where I live is far warmer, in January, than it should be. For example, yesterday had a high temp of 60.3F at 4:20pm but started out at 22.1F. Ten years ago, we were ass-deep in snow and lucky if the temp was above 0F.

Comment City Slickers Shouldn't Drive (Score 1) 635

If you live in a city, it is possible to "ditch the car." However, some of us live in rural areas and still need a vehicle, especially when a larger town is 100 miles away, one way. Although, if fuel prices rise and the economy continues its stall, I see a future of co-operative shopping happening soon.

Comment Oddities (Score 1) 692

A couple of years ago, I sat in on a few interviews for a non-profit and was stunned on the type of questions asked. It was very odd to hear questions about things not even remotely related to the actual job. I was under the impression you interviewed people interested in a certain job to see if they knew what they were doing, at least vocally. The person they eventually hired "worked smarter, not harder" so I guess it met their expectations because nothing got done.

Comment Fix The Brick (Score 1) 698

If China was behind the BIOS plot, aren't most all of the motherboards and their BIOS chips made in China anyway?

If a computer is "bricked" because the BIOS is faulty, have people forgotten that in the old days we could physically remove the BIOS and replace it with another. Looking at a new PC motherboard, BIOS chips are no longer replaceable. Maybe it is time American companies made the BIOS chips in America and made it so we can once again replace as needed.

Comment Seemed like a good idea, at the time.. (Score 1) 174

"The organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has proposed destroying at least 1000 tones of the confiscated Syrian chemical weapon stockpile out at sea, which some fear will destroy delicate eco systems vital to sea and human life alike. The OPCW claims the plan is 'technically feasible' ..."

Oookay, am sure it is "feasible" but if you have made a mistake, 'sorry you just killed everyone in the region.' Drop the mess in a volcano along with the Syrian brainiacs who thought chemical weapons were a good idea.

Comment Re:Maybe, but... (Score 1) 246

Metallica started to sound like itself after the "Master of Puppets" album.. Iron Maiden has always had a unique sound.

Amusingly enough, I played my "Powerslave" tape (saw the concert in person in 1985) when workers were at my home in 2000, many thought it was great music and wanted to know who this new band was.

I suspect something like this is happening a lot, new ears rediscovering groups of the past who are still around and making excellent music.

Comment Re:oops (Score 1) 154

They seem to have forgotten a little defect. SSDs have a low failure rate, high speeds, okay prices, but everyone's scared of flash memory degradation after a number of writes. Some crappy one would get 1500 write cycles on a chip but OCZ ones get 9000 which, even at my high usage on a 128GB drive, is at least 8 years before it fries.

I am trying to recall any OEM (besides my company) putting an SSD on their desktop computers, seen 'em on netbooks and some notebooks of course. I would think an OEM would because if that computer only has a one year warranty, the SSD will last that long and since they want you to buy a new computer, often, it'd work for that cause.

By the way, seen the OCZ sticker that comes with their SSD drive? "My SSD is faster than your HDD" at least it makes me chuckle.

Comment Re:Pending Disaster (Score 1) 341

So, get out of Dodge!

Well actually, Dodge, Kansas, where that phrase originated, has an elevation of 2,493 ft (760 m) so I'd stay in Dodge.

I've got 15m of freeboard between my new house and credible tsunami run-up levels in this area

While 15 meters really is not that much for elevation, especially when talking about tsunamis, it also depends on what event triggered the tsunami and that location. I happen to reside in an area that has an elevation of 4,802 ft (1,463.6 m) so unless an asteroid hits the Pacific, am safe from all the high water issues.

Comment Pending Disaster (Score 1) 341

What I find rather interesting is that people continue to buy coastal low level land, especially considering that interactive maps (like http://flood.firetree.net/ ) clearly show what a sea level rise will do to that land. The site I use has been around since 2004. Are these people expecting that the government pay them when their land goes underwater?

But it gets even more interesting (when you use the link I provided) to raise the sea level as many meters as is now predicted. Places such as the Salton Sea might actually become connected to the Pacific Ocean because of the low level land to the south. Rivers that dump in to the ocean, as sea levels rise, the land on either side of the river upstream will flood.

As to the topic of this article, there is a solution besides relocation, such as using buildings that float. Otherwise, relocate to a location at a high enough altitude that future sea level rises will not affect them. And to start the process now instead of waiting until the last moment.

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