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Comment Re:so? (Score 1) 343


The fact that M$ is contributing half of the money for the project and considering the number of jobs building this road will create, I would think this is mostly a win for the taxpayers. Sure a big business is getting a road built, sure that big business happens to be next in line for the throne of satan but it is a public road and infrastructure is usually the job of government. Right?

Comment Re:I thought we already had this option... (Score 1) 355

Imagine how much XXX port package could charge for their collective content... Also imagine how much google could charge for their suite of offerings. Sure it violates the "do no evil" thingy, but that has never really applied to money.

Net neutrality champs or not, would any of us pay for an ISP without the 'five boner porn package' and the 'google suite'?

Comment Re:80 hours (Score 1) 1055

Seriously...I just have to believe salary is for suckers.

you should try working for a university. i get paid good, i get three weeks off a year in addition to two weeks at christmas and a half week at thanksgiving, if i'm ever asked to do anything outside of normal hours that time can be used as additional vacation time and i can hire student workers to do most of the tedious stuff while i read slashdot. oh yea... and i get snow days off too. salary is for suckers? sure thing bud.


Badger Invasion 6

Badger, badger, badger, badger. Mushroom, mushroom! Snake!

Comment i bet (Score 1) 3

if you killed this dude and tried to take his cross, the hair on his chest would cling to it with the strength of god. if you did, somehow, manage to get it away from him, his nipples would cry tears of oily body goo.

Submission + - "Hello World" 3rd Party Apps on the iPhone

addario_br writes: After many, many hours of intense work from "Nightwatch", the first independent "Hello World"* application has been compiled and launched on the iPhone. This was made possible using the "ARM/Mach-O Toolchain", Nightwatch's "special project", that he has been working on so carefully over the past few weeks. Certain parts of the toolchain (such as the assembler) are being refined and tested and these will be released as soon as possible.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Digital camera costs to go crazy in Europe

Brad Binglinton writes: In the unlikely event that you're planning to buy a digital camera in Europe, think again. According to CNET.co.uk, the European Comission is going to increase taxes on certain cameras with certain video recording capabilites. "At the moment, all digital cameras are manufactured outside Europe. They're all imported. All of them. Currently, there's a European Commission-imposed 4.9 per cent import tariff on camcorders, but not on cameras, whatever their video-recording abilities. "

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