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Submission + - How to get around ISP port blocks? 1

casualsax3 writes: I'm going to be moving soon, and my new apartment comes with Optimum Online. I have a share on a Windows server that I need to get to over the Internet occasionally, and I just found out that Optimum blocks port 445 across their entire network in New York City (and perhaps elsewhere?). I have two laptops that run Linux, and one always-on desktop that runs Windows. What's the best way to get around the block and get to the share in Linux and in Windows?

Comment Re:Vacuum your case out... (Score 2, Informative) 618

That actually sounds more like a power issue. The 8x AGP cards were notoriously sensitive to fluctuations in one of the rails (I want to say 5v, but it's been forever...) Newer PCIe cards are better, but if you're running cool and your computer reboots for no reason (particularly during games) I'd put money on a poor quality or faulty PSU.

Comment Re:I never thought I'd say this with a straight fa (Score 5, Funny) 180

The best of the best posts (the ones where someone drops a paragraph of science that just ends the argument, or blows you away) are still here at Slashdot, but the signal to noise ratio has been fading fast lately.

Overall I find Reddit's comments are better and certainly more entertaining than Slashdot these days. The first 20 posts top level posts here are always a mixture of Off Topic, Troll, or +5 Funnies that aren't actually funny.

Comment Not a bug (Score 5, Informative) 830

It's a consequence of not writing software properly. Relevant links later in the same comment thread for those who don't might otherwise miss them:



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