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Comment Re:this already exists (Score 1) 288

Of course, if the information on your computer isn't highly sensitive and you aren't doing anything illegal, and you are not super paranoid about your privacy, then you probably shouldn't be using this, because it is suspicious. This isn't for the general public.

On the contrary, if enough people start using this that it becomes a fairly common practice, the police can no longer single out one person and claim that their behaviour is suspicious. This absolutely should be adopted by everyone.

Comment Re:Just downgraded (Score 1) 434

I finally downgraded my 2012 Nexus 7 today back to KitKat. It was essentially unusable running Lollipop

My experience on the Nexus 10 has been the opposite. KitKat was so bad that I had to go back to jellybean after a couple of days. Lollipop, on the other hand, has been smooth, light, and rock-solid; no issues at all. Best release for this device ever.

Comment Re:Some good data... (Score 1) 434

Every Nexus back to the Nexus 4/7(2012) has images for 5.1.0 or 5.1.1. That means, every Google released device released in the last 3 years is up to date. You can argue about whether 3 years is enough time to support their devices, but they are supporting their own devices. Devices sold by manufacturers, instead of Google, are not Google's direct responsibility for upgrades. At least be straight forward about your claims. Google's devices are Nexus devices. GPE or whatever it is you're talking about aren't Google devices. They're just not manufacturer themed. The updates for those devices still originate from the manufacturers and not Google.

Indeed. My Nexus 10 dating from 2012 is running better than ever on 5.1.1. If Apple had other companies selling iOS devices, I doubt they'd have done any better at preventing fragmentation.

Comment Re:Error in headline (Score 1) 301

Now if your company policy says "50% must be of minority" you end up hiring the top 5% of white and top 50% of minority. Of course the new white employees will outperform the minority ones simply because you got crÃme-de-la-crÃme of the whites and merely "above average" of the minorities. And of course the disparity will cause frictions, rift in the team, disparity of handled workload and worse code quality on the average. Oh, and the company policies will protect the minority employees, punishing the whites who confront them for worse performance.

Perhaps this is the price society must pay until the historical consequences of white supremacy are reversed?

Comment Re:Well, I guess I've got to watch it now. (Score 1) 356

dunno about that. many people want to APPEAR good and decent there. TOO FUCKING BAD LYNCH MOBS AND DENYING TRIAL is pretty fucking far from being decent. yet statistics and probabilities say that some people in the lynch mob were rapists too. so yeah, they got a lot of work ahead of them in being viewed as fair and civilized society.

Yeah, why don't the fuckers just follow your shining personal example?

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