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Comment Re:What what? (Score 1) 285


Wish I had mod pts for this...

What kind of idiot is totally ignorant of the ginormous boost to tech that resulted from the space race???

Going to space does VERY MUCH "build industries" - hell it even *creates* whole new ones!!!

Comment Re:If you think Government is the solution (Score 1) 220

You're engaging in dishonest sophistry.

No. I am not.

There is literally NO difference between saying "freedom from" or "freedom to" except in the arrangement of the words. They are the same thing: freedom FROM the consequences of some action = freedom TO perform the action without consequence.

You know what the point is: You are free to do as you please, except to impose yourself on others.

Except that *explicitly* WAS NOT the point being made. The point being made was that "freedom FROM" and "freedom TO" are different; except that they are patently NOT, which I pointed out.

If the OP wanted to make a point about "being free to act as you choose, except to impose yourself on others" then that's what they would have said, and they didn't. Don't put your words in someone else's mouth.

Comment Re:If you think Government is the solution (Score 1) 220

when we say "freedom" we don't mean "freedom to", we mean freedom FROM.

Empty rhetoric, this is a meaningless distinction.

For instance, I can easily say rephrase as: it is generally not desirable for people to be free FROM government using force to prevent them from abusing others.

You're making a "distinction without difference"

Comment Fixes itself... (Score 1) 220

Isn't this issue self-correcting though? I mean gene-therapies are taking their sweet ass time through approval because most of them wind up causing cancer, and they killed the first experimental human subject.

So like, if all the people who want to inject themselves with experimental treatments that're most likely just going to give them run-away cancer are allowed to do so; doesn't the whole issue go away after they all die?

Comment Re:Big DDOS attack going on (Score 1) 104

My statement ... is completely correct.

LOL - I bow down to your superior ability to be "technically" correct AND utterly useless at the same time! Impressive, *I* have to try really hard to say useless things in anger! Clearly posting a link in haste is a capital offence! I should be executed! Call the firing squad!

This is from YOUR OWN FUCKING LINK in your other post:

Ha! CAPS *and* profanity for something utterly trivial! What are you? 12? Psychotic?


Well, there's one of us in this convo that *clearly* has mental issues!

Look, if you have nothing interesting to add to this other that little baby-like whining (i.e. "waa waaa your link doesn't match your comment *pefectly*!!!"), then please just go away.

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