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Comment Well this sucks ... (Score 2, Interesting) 203

I have owned two Nexus7 tablets. I still have the second one and use it every day. It is getting a bit old but I haven't replaced it because they stopped making the 7 in favor of the larger 9 which is too expensive. The 7 was a great bloat-free device at a great price ($200 ish). I was hoping Google would reintroduce the 7 but I guess those hopes are lost. Time to start looking at some replacement candidates. Suggestions?

Comment Re:Microsoft please stop this madness (Score 2) 105

IIRC it all started with Windows 7/Server 2008and some features that *required* IPV6. You didn't really have to be running IPv6 running on your network because MS was enabling tunneling and IPv6 by default so things would work automagically.

Comment Re:Options 3 and 4 (Score 1) 408

Something doesn't add up. The owner claims he came back 5 minutes later to find his car had wrecked itself. Tesla's data says the car was summoned 3 seconds after the door closed. If that is the case then the customer should have witnessed the car's "accident". Can Tesla tell when the car actually moved, hand an impact, and then stopped moving? I think that either the owner is lying or Tesla has one heck of a bug.

I do think that even if the car owner improperly (or maliciously) used the summon feature, Tesla should change the procedure to cancel by default instead of accepting. However, I am sure people will still sue.

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