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Comment Re:Big deal (Score 1) 332

Windows 7 comes bundled with Interix, in the from of SUA (Subsystem for running Unix Applications). KSH and CSH come standard, but you can install bash using "pkg_update -L bash" (after installing the package installer).

And yes, you can run Unix commands from the Windows console or Unix shell.

Moonlight 1.0 Brings Silverlight Content To Linux 346

An anonymous reader writes "Novell has unveiled some of the fruits of its technical collaboration with Microsoft in the form of Moonlight 1.0, a Firefox plug-in which will allow Linux users to access Microsoft Silverlight content. Officially created by the Mono project, it is available for all Linux distributions, including openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Fedora, Red Hat and Ubuntu. Also included in Moonlight is the Windows Media pack, with support for Windows Media Video, Windows Media Audio and MP3 files."

Comment Re:Don't bother. (Score 1) 439

Cowboy Bebop is decent, but like most other anime is very derivative and features convoluted storylines

There is much more to Cowboy Bebop than the story. That's what makes it so good. In one review I read it said Shinichiro Watanabe wanted to try something completely different: "jazz with an anime soundtrack" (paraphrased). In other words, the overall look and feel is just as if not more important than the story. Watanabe did the same thing with Samurai Champloo.

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