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Comment Numbers wrong (Score 1) 414

$12k was a lot to pay for a car in the 60s. My dad bought a new 66 Mustang for about $2500, a VW bug was under $1500. Houses then were $30k, about 2 years salary for him as a teacher.

You're right about the safety features, but that mustang was fun to drive.

I think some things have become much more affordable, such as clothing and technology. Some things have become less affordable, especially houses. Cars are about the same level of affordability in my view.

Comment Re:This is the long term future (Score 1) 414

There are all kinds of CNC mills and routers. A lot of the really cheap ones are mainly good for working on wood or plastic, or are kits. Lots of people find an old mill/router and convert it to CNC. If you want a plug-and-play desktop mill or router there are a ton of options. Here is a fairly typical one that looks like it is capable of some serious work, $700.

Comment Re:"techies" unemployed? Maybe those over 50... (Score 1) 242

I think it is really good for a late career change. The kids are grown, it's easy to stay in touch with friends, and it's good to get out of your rut. I'm going to seriously consider it if I find myself out of work for a long stretch. I'm in my 40s and wary of my future employability, and the prospect of broadening my horizons is appealing. I'm also interested in retiring abroad where the cost of living is low, this might be a good way to explore that before retirement.

Comment Re:"techies" unemployed? Maybe those over 50... (Score 2) 242

You don't have to speak an asian language to be valuable. If you are interested in it, you can make a good living in Hong Kong or China or India. There are a lot of opportunities for people who understand technology and are native English speakers. You can bridge the gap between customers and engineers who speak limited English. You may not make good bay area wages depending on where you go, but you'll make excellent for local cost of living wages.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 1) 1059

I don't think you understand what Warren Buffet is saying. He is worth ~US$ 46b, and makes billions a year from that wealth. He thinks he should be taxed on that income at a higher rate than those who make much less, yet under current law he is taxed at a lower rate.

Current tax law is widening the gap between Warren Buffet and his secretary, and he suggests changing that.

Comment Re:100 more will die today (Score 1) 1719

There's something broken about human perception of risk. Every month there is a 9/11 of traffic fatalities but nobody is taking their shoes off about that. For some reason certain kinds of deaths are given disproportionate importance and others are blandly accepted.

Medical errors cause a 9/11 of fatalities every 5 days. It's so strange that few people are even aware of this yet we are collectively freaked out about child abductors and terrorists which are rounding errors on fatality rates.

Comment Re:Capitalism doesn't _produce_ free markets (Score 1) 255

You have an incorrect view of Standard Oil, and monopolies. The ruling from the breakup states

"The evidence is, in fact, absolutely conclusive that the Standard Oil Company charges altogether excessive prices where it meets no competition, and particularly where there is little likelihood of competitors entering the field, and that, on the other hand, where competition is active, it frequently cuts prices to a point which leaves even the Standard little or no profit, and which more often leaves no profit to the competitor, whose costs are ordinarily somewhat higher."

There are countless stories of Standard Oil buying up wells and refineries in an area and once they controlled the market rates would skyrocket. They would use these profits to buy wells and refineries in another area and repeat the jacking of rates.

Comment Re:Title is misleading (Score 1) 510

IQ tests are designed to have a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. They have to reformulate them every so often to rebalance to this standard. For the last hundred years or so raw IQ scores have been increasing by about 3 points per decade, a phenomenon called the Flynn effect

There are various theories about why this happens, such as nutrition, and there is some evidence that the trend is weakening, but your gut instinct about this is not accurate.

Comment Re:Zero-tax states 'stealing'? (Score 1) 768

It sure seems like stealing. The cayman islands don't offer a tax haven for free. The corporation has to pay an annual license fee, based on the amount of capital. They also have to pay a bank or financial services company for various items. Many officers will visit the cayman islands partly for business, partly for pleasure.

All in all, financial services provide the bulk of the cayman islands economy. The primary reason corporations do business there is to avoid their tax where the money was earned or the corporation is truly based.

Since the governments where the corporation is earning money or based out of provide services such as roads, law enforcement, courts, etc. that make this income possible it is reasonable to assume that the regular tax is owed. The shell corporation is reducing or eliminating this tax, and a smaller amount is funneled to the cayman islands in the form of fees and so forth, much like a bribe to avoid paying tax.

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