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Comment Re:same difference (Score 3, Interesting) 172

When I had physical therapy I didn't want to go in 3x a week so I asked them if they could show me the techniques and I would do them at home. They were happy to oblige. Many patients are bad at doing the exercises and want the hand holding, but it isn't mandatory. The PT clinic isn't going to promote home care since they don't get paid for it.

Comment Re:Killing the environment (Score 3, Interesting) 105

I used to feel this way too, but it might be misguided. Imagine a hundred people all driving to the mall to try on clothes - that is 100 cars making 200 round trips, plus all the electricity wasted at the mall on HVAC, lighting, as well as all the items that don't get bought and the army of trucks to supply the mall with products.

Those 100 people could all be served by a single UPS truck making one big trip. The whole thing might be greener than the old way, even with all the wasted boxes and returns and whatnot. It is certainly cheaper, which keeps a hard lid on resource use.

Comment Re:Die Starbucks, die ! (Score 1) 289

Why are you so angry that there are people who like coffee? There are tons of things that some people like and others don't - Chocolate, Subarus, Cheez-its, ethanol, sex, Justin Bieber, the list is endless. That's part of life. If you don't like coffee nobody is forcing you to drink it.

The sooner you figure out that other people gonna do what they do and you don't have to like it the sooner you can start enjoying life.

Comment Re:That's why people shop there (Score 1) 311

I suppose it is perspective. I absent mindedly took a visiting friend to TJs to pick up groceries and he was shocked at all the stuff he wanted that they didn't sell - Coke, Doritos, hungry man dinners, gatorade - pretty much everything he normally buys doesn't exist there. I realized that lots of people have buying habits that TJs simply doesn't acknowledge. Sure they sell a lot of packaged premade goods, but you can't find the vast majority of junk food there.

Comment Re:That's why people shop there (Score 1) 311

Smug people and trash are different, though. When I go to walmart the customer service line is always long, clogged with people trying to do return scams. They have stolen items, no receipt, etc. and they are belligerent when the scam doesn't go right. I try to avoid it because it is unpleasant. You don't see things like that at whole foods. I don't like either store personally.

Comment Re:Maybe but... (Score 1) 489

Boy that article hasn't aged well. I don't have one and don't know many that do. Why would someone brag about not owning something stupid and ancient? Some kind of retro anti hipster? Guess what, granpda, I don't own a typewriter, a victrola, or a frickin steam powered log splitter.

I watch tons of shows though, I use this new fangled computer thingy.

Comment Re:No-till is cheaper for who ? (Score 3, Informative) 186

You don't have to use herbicides/pesticides for no-till farming. You can use cover crops, solarization, mulch, there are also organic no-till farms proliferating like um weeds.

Besides, tilling is so awful for the environment and human health using roundup is probably the greener approach.

Comment Re:I really hope (Score 1) 459

Huh, you are paying quite a bit less than the US average. Washington state average is $125 and that includes low cost rural areas. The typical US policy is pretty lousy, high deductible and $30k cap on damages/liability so you are getting quite a bit more for your money.

I don't like the idea that you have no choice in type of policy, but it seems to save you all money. The system here is so regressive - poor people pay the most, they even penalize you heavily for poor credit. Perhaps you shouldn't be quick to dismiss the single payer setup?

Comment Re:"mounting scrutiny of ties" (Score 1) 368

It's partly structural and partly psychological. The main parties control the levers of government and do everything they can to maintain control. Third parties are excluded from numerous resources and don't have the established networks the main parties enjoy. The mental effect is powerful - many people hold their nose and vote for a candidate they don't love just to avoid seeing the monster from the other party elected. Third parties are seen as not viable, and this has become a self reinforcing prophecy.

Many people would prefer a third party, but until enough people are willing to "throw their vote away" it won't happen. A third party could get a popular majority in a presidential election and still not be elected.

Comment Re:I really hope (Score 1) 459

Fascinating. What do you pay for what kind of insurance? Here in Les Etats-Unis we pay an astonishing range of premiums for a wide range of plans - plans that won't cover a typical accident are fairly cheap. I'm paying around $50/month for high deductible ($1000) liability-only coverage (damage to my car is not covered). I'm quite curious if single payer is cheaper. If it matters I shopped around for that price and am considered low risk/good credit. I live in a high cost area.

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