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Comment Re:Windows Mobile (Score 1) 332

Back in the "good old days" of palm before the pre, there WAS NO over the air app store installed on the treo. You had to google for someplace to find apps for your treo, you had to go there, you had to down load them, and you had to install them using the hot sync program.

You certainly did not have install over a hot sync. PRC files have been installable via HTTP download for years.

Comment Re:Rainbow Six & Ghost Recon (Score 1) 1120

Why in the world do I have a weapon toggle button? I have 100-odd keys at my disposal, maybe I could just, you know, map each weapon to one? And then the couch toggle button? WTF?

My X Box controller doesn't have those 100 odd keys, and I don't like gaming on my PC.

And how do I go prone, goodness knows I spent enough time in the previous games crawling along like a worm.

Going prone has never been an option in any of the Rainbow Six games I played. It has been an option in every Ghost Recon that I have played.

Comment Re:Shadowrun (Score 1) 1120

MDK could use revisiting.

Heall, yeah! MDK was kick ass. I had endless hours of enjoyment playing MDK on the original iMac. (It came bundled with the iMac.)

I'd love to see it on the X Box 360, even as an XBLA title, but, I would prefer it as a full game.

Comment Re:Oh Noes! (Score 1) 921

I keep my weekly logbook in cursive writing.

I'm an Engineer, and my logbook must be kept for 6 years after my death for legal reasons. If all goes well, that'll be in 70+ years. It is unlikely at best that anything written on a computer will be readable in that time frame.

And according to this news, it will be unlikely what anyone will be able to decipher your handwriting by then : )

How do you know anyone can decipher it now?

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