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Comment Re:The main danger is (Score 1) 357

They take far more than 30 seconds. The last time I went through one was probably 2 years ago at LHR. You got pulled out of the queue at random.It was optional at the time (go through it or get strip searched) It took about 3 mins but at least you got to jump the queue. Unless the technology has improved a lot then it is still going to take far too long to get everybody going through one.
Spread your legs and put your feet on the dots. raise your arms and put your hands on the yellow dots. Wait a while. Now turn around and do similar. All after you have removed any belongings from yourself.

Comment Re:There are better, quicker ways to phobia relief (Score 1) 126

the taste is just as bad as the smell. guts got in my mouth once when i swatted one too enthusiastically. you must be / have been in southeast asia too - the millipedes are pretty impressive, though not scary. the ~10 inch centipedes, though, are the worst. one crawled into bed with someone i used to know and sent them to the hospital. can't believe how fast and aggressive they are.

and yet, for some reason, i love it here!

Comment Re:My 2 cents (Score 1) 609

The theoretical limit of a DS1010+ and a DX510 (which is the only Synology offering in the 20 TB range) is actually 16 TB due to them using ext3. With 2 TB drives the best you can actually get are 14.5 TB with RAID-6 or RAID-5+Hotspare. Spanning a RAID-5 over all disks would result in a volume slightly larger than 16 TB, which will not work. I've tried it.
Still, 14.5 TB is pretty much okay in my book. If you actually do need more, build a Backblaze pod (same price league as two DS1010+ with a DX510 ea.; more then double the drives of that) or be spendy and get an X4500 (related as far as the number of drives goes. A completely different class in all other aspects.)

Comment This should be modded up (Score 0) 609

The parent post should be modded up -- I came to this comment thread specifically to mention a Drobo. I don't actually have one because I haven't needed the storage, but they've gotten stellar reviews online. They also appear to scale up relatively easily from the cheap 4-drive Drobos to the bigger 8-drive ones.

One other thing you should consider, especially with a lot of people recommending dedicated servers, is power consumption: the bigger and heavier the box, the more you're going to pay in monthly power bills. This is one reason why using an old computer that's sitting around and stuffing 6 HDs into it might not be an optimal solution: if it costs you another $10 - $15 a month in power, you can relatively quickly spend your way out of whatever savings you've nominally achieved.

Comment Re:Democracy needs smart people (Score 1) 1138

Yah, everyone has a different experience certainly. I came from a small town and went to a medium-sized university in a large city. I actually made the comment of someone on our hallway:

"He's Jewish? I thought he was French!"

So that got cleared up for me (cuz, you know, I thought Jewish...I thought Israel, I thought droopy eyes, big nose, etc...so I was a complete idiot because I was thinking "Jewish" was more country and racial, rather than religious.)

That isn't "more open-minded", that is just exposure to the world. You would have gotten as much or more exposure just from working in a large city.
How many different ideas did you come across at that university? Did you have any professors who voted for Reagan, or against Clinton, or for Bush 43, or against Obama (depending on when you went to school)? There are other issues that could be used. My point is that the overwhelming majority of universities are ideologically monolithic.

Comment Re:Adobe Should Threaten to Pull Adobe CS from OSX (Score 0) 731

If Adobe is serious, they should take the position that if Apple is not allowing Flash development for its platforms then it follows that Apple no longer wants such development platforms running on its Macs, and as long as Flash content is not supported on iPhone or iPad then ongoing support and releases will not be available for the entire Creative Suite (of which Flash is a part) on OSX as of the current release. If Apple can exclude a specific product why can't Adobe?

How would that benefit Adobe? Sell less of their software out of spite? Business is about making money, not about being the coolest kid in the lunchroom. Adobe wants to retain its current customers (developers).. they could give a rats ass about content... You really think Adobe is pushing for flash support on the iStuff so all the turtle-necks at Starbucks can 'punch the monkey and win'?

Comment Re:So what? (Score 0) 315

Yeah but the advantage of Vista for x64 users was XPx64 users got 64-bit drivers without the annoyance of Vista. Since the kernels were the same, you could use Vista drivers on your system. But honestly, if you were using x64 it was for RAM purposes and your machine most likely had support directly from the manufacture. What sucks is a few of those manufactures stop supporting drivers for their systems beyond XP x64 (I'm looking at you SUN MICROSYSTEMS!)

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