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Comment Re:You can learn to code in a few months (Score 1) 179

the latter knows a lot more random academic CS stuff that, in practice, is applied very little in day-to-day professional work.

IMO, learning about things like computer architecture, operating system design / concepts, data structures, algorithms, might not seem like it - but, can be very relevant. Just because YOU don't work in a field that needs some of that knowledge, doesn't mean that those areas don't exist. That's preposterous.

Comment Re:Ethereum bubble may be bursting. (Score 1) 57

Therein lies a lingering, legitimate concern: How many of the secondhand cards entering the market come from people who actually do that, know what they are doing, and how many come from the foolish, who overclock and the like? How do you know, without hoping they put that information in the product description when selling?

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 230

Unauthorized encryption can be trivially blocked by your ISP.

- considering that bit patterns can represent all sorts of things, from words, to images, to numeric data of various types of which requires software that interprets specific bit fields as said pieces of data, how do you actually do this efficiently, and without false positives?

Comment Re:Thoughts on it... (Score 2) 145

Weird Al gets permission though. Sure, he could rely on fair use, but I presume he doesn't want to spend all his time in court defending his rights.

Right for the wrong reason I think. He gets permission out of respect, and not wanting to burn bridges with artists - he has said many times that legally he does not need it, and would be fully in the clear if he didn't ask, but also has a moral compass that includes trying to make bonds with the people whose works he parodies.

Comment Re:The site was very good. (Score 1) 145

I don't understand why changing robots.txt on a site makes them disable (I hope not delete!) all past snapshots of the site. This is contrary to the purpose of robots.txt and anyway they are under no obligation to respect it.

It's because "We're the Internet Archive!" isn't an automatic license for unlimited violation of laws regarding copyright, privacy, child porn, etc.

Implying retroactive application of robots.txt is about this - funny, I didn't know that a squatter taking over a domain automatically gave them the rights to all the past contnet that might have been hosted on the domain at one point or another... *facepalm*

Comment Re:One way people could mess with this... (Score 1) 292

Says the one who thinks assuming things about others is actually a logical rebuttal to compensate for the inability to consider the fact that different building densities, and atmospheric conditions affect how a sound is perceived.. I actually have been shooting, at ranges - don't get to do it often, but it is a lot of fun. I go with my brother, he shoots a pistol, I stick to a .22 caliber rifle. I'd have to be literally deaf to not know what a gunshot sounds like. When I did what I did in the story, the sound echoed like crazy, scared the crap out of people (inadvertently, of course) - even this crackhead who was sitting on the steps to the subway, who had previously been cursing off everybody walking near her, shut up. 0_0

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