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Submission + - Had Enough of IT?

ob0101011101 writes: I've been working as a software engineer now for almost 20 years, theoretically I have another 20 to go. But you know what, I'm bored to death with it all. I used to pick through hardware catalogues, eagerly embraced java when it first came out, even spent university holidays coding for fun. I used to L-O-V-E programming, but now it's just drudgery, and I find myself completely uninterested. Did you ever lose your programming mojo? How did you get it back? Should I give it up and open a micro-brewery?

Comment Re:Europlug sockets is the best (Score 1) 1174

The europlug is only for Class II (double-insulation) devices up to 2.5 A. It's perfect for things like bedside lamps or wall warts.
If you need more than 2.5 A and still have a Class II device, you may use the CEE 7/17 plug. Fits both Schuko and type E sockets. A rectangular variation of this type (usually found on power tools like drills) is still quite small and durable.
For the rest of appliances, there's this CEE 7/7 E/F hybrid plug.

I'm glad all this plugs fit both Schuko and type E sockets so you can use your gadgets around Europe (okay, *central* Europe) easily.

FBI Hid Patriot Act Abuses 243

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "Wired is reporting that the FBI hid Patriot Act abuses with retroactive and flawed subpoenas, and used them to illegally acquire phone and credit card records. There were at least 11 retroactive, 'blanket' subpoenas that were signed by top counter-terrorism officials, some of which sought information the FBI is not allowed to have. The FBI's Communication Analysis Unit also had secret contracts with AT&T, Verizon and MCI, and abused National Security Letters by issuing subpoenas based on fake emergencies."

Galaxy Sans Dark Matter 92

ChromaticDragon writes "Astronomers have crunched some numbers on a galaxy to discover that its rotation can be fully explained by the gravity of the observable matter — in effect, this galaxy seems to lack dark matter. This shouldn't come as a total surprise given that one of the stronger observations of Dark Matter was the Bullet Cluster where supposedly a good deal of Dark Matter and good old fashion regular matter had separated."

Time for a Vista Do-Over? 746

DigitalDame2 writes "'There's nothing wrong with Vista,' PC Mag editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff tells a Microsoft rep at this year's CES. 'But you guys have a big problem on your hands. Perception is reality, and the perception is that Vista is a dud.' He goes on to confess that the operating system is too complex and burdened by things people don't need. Plus, Vista sometimes seems so slow. Ulanoff gives four suggestions for a complete Vista makeover, like starting with new code and creating a universal interface table. But will Microsoft really listen?"

Submission + - Fat men likely to live longer (fookus.be)

somberlain writes: "So, I've been doing all sorts of tricks to lose fat around my belly. Not because I wanted to, but just because I was always told that fat people tend to live shorter than normal people. Now a study by a research group at the Epidemiology and Biostatistic Division at the National Cancer Centre in Tokyo shows that fat men are more likely to live longer. As this article is already outdated, I stumbled upon a Dutch version as well, which repeated the research not so long ago. Here's an article by MSNBC covering a same story. Now, would you go for the extra mile when it comes to cross-training?"

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