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Comment We're #1! We're #1! (Score 1) 687

The US produces %0.11 of our electricity via solar. just over 2 TWh (source [PDF]). We have how much landmass and we don't even come close to Germany's output. Depressing... I'm curious to know what programs Germany has in place to support adoption of solar and wind energy production. Although it would likely never happen, it would be nice if we could replicate some of that here, in the more weather-stable parts of the country. Even better if we could have some decent mass storage solutions to allow solar to really support the whole grid on a larger scale (as opposed to locally).

Comment I absolutely agree (Score 5, Funny) 625

I say sterilize after one. And heavy tax burdens for families with more than one child. Irresponsible breading will be the death of us all.

You would not want to fry the population with mass-produced tasteless breading. To bread the right way, I suggest the following:

1 dozen eggs (per human)
1 lb flour
3 boxes of bread crumbs
herbs and seasonings to taste

1) Mix seasonings in bread crumbs.
2) Coat a damp human in flour.
3) Dunk human in eggs and then roll it around in the bread crumb mixture

Then you can fry and bake the human, but make sure that it's fully-cooked. You can get diseases from undercooked human.

Comment The Dreamliner is a really lovely plane to fly on (Score 1) 237

I flew on them to and from Australia to the US. Well worth the cost to get on one, but on the return trip, we were delayed for 4 hours due to some engine problem. They did fix it, and we were back in the air, but the experience, and other subsequent reports, makes me nervous about them. I hope they get the problems resolved, as they really are a joy to fly on for long trips.

Comment Not just Zynga (Score 1) 377

although I have my issues with Zynga as a company, it's not much different than any other game or service that runs on microtransactions. The real lesson here is that emotional and financial investment in a web-based game controlled by a third party is always subject to cancellation. People need to recognize that their micropayments are for temporary gratification, and not permanently.

Comment Pincus strikes again (Score 1) 377

Admittedly, there's nothing inherently wrong (from a business perspective) about a company choosing to shutter some of its lower-performing properties in the interest of reducing costs. The problem is that Pincus has a history of building up a large and popular product, getting a decent-sized population of users, then destroying it through poor management or general asshattery (see Tribe.net). Why anyone thinks he's a good CEO is beyond me.

Comment what privacy? (Score 4, Insightful) 227

your listening data is already being collected. She may or may not be asking for listener email addresses, but if not, the statistics on your likes and dislikes and other listening patterns are part of the music genome project anyway. How would the artists' ability to view your listening patterns (without identifying you specifically) violate any right to privacy that isn't already given up as part of your agreement when creating an account to use the service?

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