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Comment Re:So which is it? tens of millions of pounds" ? O (Score 2) 273

The ribbon also changes state depending on what you're doing. If you don't know what you're doing, this would be helpful if icons, etc were recognizable, but many are not. Menus, etc, ate stateless and are always in the same place. Shortcut keys are easy to memorize. With the ribbon I found myself looking for icons and actions that were there a few minutes ago, still apply, but are now somewhere else.

Comment Re:Cloud (Score 1) 90

Ask IBM. They make money hand over fist by charging people for the amount of processing power they use. The rates are extraordinarily high. You can reduce the cost by buying specialized processors for Linux, Java, etc, which are also incredibly expensive. There's a lot of money to be made by people if they can get people not stuck on the old mainframes to buy into the same trap.

Comment Re:Also blocks startups. (Score 5, Interesting) 64

I'm not sure about Samsung, but find me an instance of Google suing someone without being sued first, and no Motorola before Google bought them does not count. Google has not been a patent dick.

There are also some open patent pools that will also help stop the abuses of ... certain companies. Of course, the laws really need to be changed. No software patents, FRAND charges defining 'reasonable' in dollars or percentages, etc.

Comment Re:Simple enough... (Score 2) 397

It's a common cause of confusion. Certain behaviours and tendencies can be attributed to specific cultures. I really wish people would realize that culture is learned, can be changed, and includes both good and bad aspects. The bad aspects of cultures should be changed, but it's touchy because it often gets ibnncorrectly equated to race.

Comment Re:Well congratulations (Score 1) 125

Most people that claim high availability almost *never* make any changes to anything. The mainframe world is rife with resistance to change because of it. High availability is easy if you never change anything. Most of the outages with most systems are caused by human error, and most happen when deploying updates. High availability seems to carry a lot of weight, but usually doesn't cover all it should.

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