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Comment Re:CSI NY (Score 1) 395

Also because every martial artist at one time or another, when the flow of the art is right, feels that with just enough more work they can actually attain that level.

Comment Re:Nope. Never. (Score 2, Informative) 395

Halting State was a terrific little crime novel with Really Cool stuff in it. But all the Cool Kids are reading The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue. A hacker is recruited by British Military-Occult Intelligence after his new fractal rendering program almost summons Nyarlathotep.

Here's A Colder War which recasts the Cold War era with weaponized Eldritch Horrors and such. It's sort of a prototype for the Atrocity Archive series.

Comment Re:Battery?! (Score 3, Informative) 1079

To back this up, the video clearly shows the volume gained by not making the battery removable. I've taken screenshots of schematics a laptop with a removable and with a built-in battery. They increased battery volume by 40%.

screenshots here:

Ok, I haven't seen a gallery recently, I'm kinda impressed.

Comment Re:Battery?! (Score 1) 1079

> But if I can double the life of the battery right
> off the bat, I might be willing to compromise.

This is exactly why I think the no-removeable battery thing is going to blow over very quickly. I've known a lot of people who carried a spare battery. I don't think I've run into a user in the wild that habitually carried two spares (out of 350-400 laptop users supported throughout my career). So by doubling the capacity you're taking care of damn near everyone, including the people who care enough to carry a spare. If the battery has a better life too, then you come out ahead of carrying a spare. If you don't carry a spare, then you just double your battery life and it's a big win.

Remember, people screamed when Apple dropped the floppy drive from the iMac and the keyboard from their smartphone.

Comment Re:Staying with DRM isn't pro-consumer (Score 1) 1079

> Short reason: there's no physical thing to
> produce, package, ship, display, etc.

Short response: bandwidth and datacenters.

Bandwidth costs for the ITMS add up, Apple only gets 30% from each sale, so they're focused on that margin. There's also the somewhat obscure fact that while hard drives are cheap, "managed storage" with backups, backup power, 24-hour sysadmin coverage, emergency power supplies, multiple high-bandwidth uplinks, insurance et al adds up to a hefty sum.

Just because you're only shipping bits doesn't mean there isn't a significant cost associated.

> With Amazon and ITMS and the others, they can't
> pack one or two hits on an album and expect you
> and I to shell out $16 for it.

I'll give you that, singles were wildly popular back in the vinyl days but faded as the album became king. Anyone remember "cassingles" ? Consumers love a la carte and the big record labels absolutely hate it. If they'd just factor in back catalog sales and call it even we'd all be much happier.

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