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Comment Re:Germany 2nd Most Expensive Power in the West (Score 1) 262

"Despite a recent rise in wholesale prices, which were blamed for one small energy supplier going bust last month, the average household energy bill was down 4.6% in 2016, to £1,237."

"Germans respond by saving energy
Monthly energy costs, which include heating, electricity and petrol, amounted to almost 280 euros in 2014 for an average German 3-person household, according to the Renewable Energies Agency (AEE). Petrol had the biggest share, followed by heating. Costs for power amounted to 85 euros."
- â2088 per year household energy. (£1,853 - ~ 50% more)

Comment Re:Germany 2nd Most Expensive Power in the West (Score 1) 262

"In 2016, renewables made up about 8.9% total UK energy consumption."

And what about electricity generation? Disingenuous statement there.

"Official figures published on Thursday show low carbon power, which has been supported by the government to meet climate change targets, accounted for 50% of electricity generation in the UK in the third quarter, up from 45.3% the year before"

We have a choice here and I chose to buy 100% renewable generated electricity, it cost less than half of what the Germans are paying.

Comment An article to piss just about everyone off (Score 2) 262

If your a libertarian you'll hate this:
composition-average-german-household-power-price-2006-2017.png (PNG Image, 1132 x 800 pixels)
  If you're left wing you'll hate that too.
If you're right wing you'll hate all of the renewables stuff.

German is doing a remarkable job of making renewables look bad, their public pay insane amounts whilst electricity gets offered for free or less to factories when they're all closed for Christmas.

Comment Re:Germany 2nd Most Expensive Power in the West (Score 2) 262

Which has nothing much to do with the actual cost of renewables, German residential consumers pay:

For the electricity (under 1/5th of the total)
Grid Fee (excessively high)
VAT (value added tax, VALUE?!??!)
Concession fee (WTF?)
Renewables Surcharge (excessively high)
Electricity tax (would you like some tax to go with you're taxed tax)
CHP surcharge (they're just making shit up now)
Other Surcharges (Yes, more surcharges, plural)

composition-average-german-household-power-price-2006-2017.png (PNG Image, 1132 x 800 pixels)
What German households pay for power | Clean Energy Wire

Summary, they are paying 29.16ct per kWh for 5.63ct worth of electricity.

Comment FUCK (Score 2) 171

So they're basically going to mutilate the UI, hide the menus and replace that with meaningless icons and hard to find settings that take more clicks to get to. What the hell is it with these fucking morons, they're everywhere fucking up UIs, changing them from meaningful words that name the actions they fulfill to stupidly laid out icons in fucking weird places and layouts where you can't discern where one section begins and another ends. Because progress, because some fucking idiots think everything has to look new all the time, can we create a fucking virus to wipe out these fucking brainless sheeple, the planet is overpopulated anyhow. /rant over... for now.

Comment Re:Visa and Mastercard needs to be broken up (Score 1) 679

Not in the UK, the retailer is usually the one who foots the bill. I don't feel sorry for the retailer, my card was defrauded and it was astonishing how many shops and restaurants would allow someone to just read off my cc number without any proof of ID and purchase hundreds worth of goods and meals, no pin, no signature nothing. What the fuck is the point of chip and pin when this can happen?

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 1) 165

But an ambulance can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars without insurance

So glad I live in the UK, ambulances are free for everyone and anyone, no one has to think about cost when calling an ambulance for themselves or for complete strangers.

I was unconscious, came around concussed with (very) temporary memory loss when a couple of people called an ambulance for me, would I also have had to pay for an ambulance in the US if I didn't have insurance?

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