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Comment Re:Progress (Score 0) 112

Ditto, I'm not going to buy an expensive new GPS watch now, I'll grab a cheap one until this gets out and matures. Most GPS watches have battery life that is too short for me / the Garmin's start out with enough battery but degrade, 8 hours instead of 20 because the battery monitor bugs out.

Comment Re:Not just cavities (Score 2) 120

BBCs science programme 'Tomorrow's World' showed something like this vaccine three decades ago, but nothing became of it, everybody forgot about it and Tomorrows World stuff is pre-internet and I can find no info' about it. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that this got squished by affected parties.

Comment Re:Galaxy S5 (Score 1) 302

"Google Maps is practically unusable due to interface lag."

Google seems to be playing a game with maps - make the old android version horribly clunky and slow, make the new android version very optimised and snappy. My 2 android phones are very similar in processing power and features but the one with the older android version runs like molasses and the newer android version one is near instant.

Comment Re:eh geek bench bs (Score 1, Insightful) 332

Benchmarks are all useless so far as I'm concerned, they gave note slow note 2 a good score and my fast cubot a lower score.

What matters is how snappy the apps I use are, I don't care about stupid synthetic benchmarks on phones. How quick does gps get a lock is a good metric, how fast does the phone start or reboot is another good metric. How quick can a photo be taken - another good metric that actually matters for a phone.

Just measuring the CPU speed is pointless.

  And test internet reliability, they get this wrong too - time to 100% page load is irrelevant when 99.9% of the page loads quick and the other 0.1% won't even be visible because it's just some tracking crap anyhow.

Comment Re:Transaction fees (Score 1) 376

Supermarket: grab the bits I want, scan them, hold wallet against reader, 1 second, it beeps, I'm finished and there's no charge to me, the supermarket is a big chain so they probably pay under 1% to visa.

For online shopping for physical goods 2.5 minutes would be ok, but why bother wages > digital-currency with transaction fee > pay with transaction fee. I'd probably use Visa or Paypal to buy the digital currency. There's then a trust issue with the seller of the currency being safe both security wise and fraud-wise.

So, what's the point of introducing this middle man with extra charges, time delays, fraud and security risks?

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