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Comment Re:It's not the bikes... (Score 5, Informative) 236

"they are much more environmentally friendly" With regards to CO2 they are a bit more friendly but due to emissions controls being lax for 2 wheelers they can be worse than cars, often a lot worse, Mythbusters covered it, pointing out that cars have had decades of ever tighter controls whilst motorbikes have had it easy.

Comment Re:You don't say (Score 2) 376

"a nonprofit that advocates for the use of nuclear energy. "
So, not biased then, I'm sure they didn't go looking for 30 years old technology in a cherry picking manner. Never mind that 30 years ago, hardly anyone had solar, most solar isn't even installed yet, it'll be installed in the next couple of decades as the price continues to plummet and as battery storage finally becomes affordable which is happening right now.

Article and summary are pure flame bait.

Comment Re:Nerds provide the tools (Score 1) 403

(the latter two aren't even going to start their work until after 2020 anyway).

Well I don't know what this 'work' is but both of those countries are already taking huge steps towards greening their economies, both countries are ahead of schedule in their plans to install hundreds of GW of renewable energy generation, China probably has more electric buses than the rest of the world combined.

Comment Bad door design everywhere (Score 2) 97

This pigs me off every day.

So many businesses have at the entrance:
A set of two doors symmetrical left and right and forwards/backwards, both have pull handles either side, one of the two doors will invariably be locked (Why?) and the other has a 50/50 chance that you can't actually pull the door, you can only push it or the opposite, you can push it but not pull it. FML.
So you end up needing both hands and the quickest method is to pull one door whilst pushing the other door and if that doesn't work then you reverse what each hand just did.

Fucking shiity design everywhere because some lazy idiot architect can't pick a functional fucking door and because some idiot manager hasn't told the lazy staff that they should be unlocking both doors not just one.

Irony: the architects offices having these same bad doors.

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