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Comment Re: Not "Layoff"... (Score 1) 319

My union got me a roughly 28% pay rise and I'm still very much paid in a performance related manner.

"I'd get paid less if I was held back by a union"

Except unions don't hold people back, do they, quite the opposite, they are likely to encourage employee training, employers are more likely to want to fire less skilled and hire more skilled.

Comment Re:There they go again (Score 1) 349

Unlike you, the politicians recognise that we need to stop emitting extreme amounts of greenhouse gases. And all of the negatives are fixable or no change - gasoline is explosive, it wouldn't power cars otherwise. And China are becoming the new Japan, they are quite capable of producing quality goods if they want to.

Comment Re:A beatup (Score 1) 271

"What am I missing here?"

Should news station staff be locked up too?

The fact that this stuff is on the news and they milk it as much as they possibly can. They've been told that reporting this stuff and glorifying killers and giving the killers names and life-history encourages others to commit similar crimes but the news carry on regardless. Giving these killers names and life details on mass media should be banned until the media can get a grip.

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