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Comment Re:DRONE ON (Score 1, Insightful) 280

"You simply aren't going to have modern society without billions of people."
I don't see why not quite honestly, a few hundred million could easily be enough.

" You can have 2 people and still produce too much CO2 for the earth to handle "
Now you're being silly.

"And you simply aren't going to revert 7 billion people back to an agrarian economy. "
So what, I've never heard anyone suggest we should do this.

Less people = less waste. The problem is one of polluting less and recycling more, and reducing the human footprint upon the ecosystem. Clean energy is not a problem, we've solved that 10 times over.

Comment Re: Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 256

What part of co2 is a greenhouse gas don't you believe in, its a simple concept that is easily proved in a lab and humans have released staggering amounts of. Co2 into the atmosphere, enough to blanket the entire globe with several inches of co2. If you had a greenhouse with several inches of glass, it would heat up inside substantially., we're very lucky that the ocean's have taken most of the heat energy because if it hadn't we'd be very very fkkd right now, 30deg C hotter iirc. Where fkkn preview gone?

Comment Re: Lighten up, Francis... I mean Lauren (Score 1) 448

The difference between me and the original poster is I don't have this crazy blind hatred that anti-SJWs often seem to have. I was pointing out that they often seem to be various combinations of white supremicists, bigots and racists and sexists and even when they're not, they're often fueling the hatred of these hate filled prejudiced groups.

I don't like prejudice, the only hatred I have is of fallacious arguments, lies and the twisting of the truth that comes from groups with vested interests such as industry lobbyists, 'think tanks' and the rest of the 'swamp dwellers'.

Comment Re:Lighten up, Francis... I mean Lauren (Score 1) 448

And do you know who always comes across as fake news reading, racist sexist, hate filled 'WASP's? People who use the term 'SJW'. This instant I hear this term I think sad misinformed person who can't tell the truth from fiction and can't partake in an argument without multiple fallacies, no point in interacting with them, time to move on.

Comment Re:Relevant links (Score 1) 130

Do you use a VPN server whic has an IP that has the same geolocation as your country? (when getting good steam speeds)

It might just be that cyberghost are idiots and use the same IP address ranges for the free service as they do for the paid service which is why I see so much evidence of abuse reports for the IP addresses I'm using.

Comment Relevant links (Score 2) 130

More VPN providers than you can throw a bucket of sticks at:

TorrentFreak 2017 survey:

I've moved from PrivateVPN (seem incompetent) to CyberGhost premium (slow, dodgy untrustworthy they essentially log), NordVPN next.

Valve/Steam f**ks over VPN users, downloads go at 40KB/s whilst using VPN, they seem to think it's up to them whether I use a VPN, like fuck you valve, that isn't your choice to make.

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