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Comment Re:Smart guns... (Score 1) 814

Some buyers won't even buy a gun with an internal lock because of the perceived increase in the risk of failure. I say 'perceived' because I have yet to see any statistics that are trustworthy on the subject and not more than anecdotal.

I've got a Taurus .38 that I had to have a gunsmith fix the lock on. Out of the box it kept locking the cylinder every few rounds as the keyed screw would work loose and engage. The lock will never work again, but I don't have to doubt if the gun will.

Comment two comments (Score 1) 192

1. better the enemy you know.... who's the next terrorist, i mean head of the dhs? 2. i only fly when i absolutely have to thanks to the tsa oil checks, what types of security 'improvements' will be increasing the drop-out rate of UC in the future?

Comment Re:Not so special (Score 1) 572

sysadmins are hired for thier ability to interact with systems, which are logical systems. helpdesk techs are hired for thier ability to interact with users, not logical systems. some of us can do both, many worked up from helpdesk, but the primary concern is still the systems they administer and hopefully management will set policies to keep those systems efficient.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 467

Instead of going through all that trouble, buy a pre-paid credit card with cash, create a fake email account, then buy all the books you want and release them on the interwebs. Your serious pirates were already doing this before, not much has changed...

Comment talk to an M$ sales agent (Score 1) 293

Get permission from your company if you want, but call M$ and say you are thinking about switching to exchange and want to know if they can help with a trail run. MSDN is great, but not free, and this way you have access to M$ support during your inital setup. Run it a few months, play with it, break it (on purpose if you have to), have M$ help you fix it again, then make sure you thank the sales agent profusely as you uninstall and decide not to buy...

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