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Comment I agree with the Green Party (Score 1, Insightful) 139

switching back to MS_Windows is only setting yourself up as a target for attack, stick with Linux, even with Linux if one distro is targeted it would be super easy to switch distros and still install the same applications built to run on another distro of Linux that is not targeted, so with Linux you have that strength too

Comment Re:That's difficult to do (Score 1) 459

that would be anapropholactic shock (since he said he wants everyone to "go fuck themselves")

on a more serious note, i hope a professional assassin kills the SOB because he is basically killing everyone that can not afford the 600 bucks for his epipen yet needs it in order to survive

Comment if amazon's android phones are anything like (Score 1) 40

amazon's android powered kindle book reader it is going to suck!
i bought amazon's android powered kindle and it sucked so bad i gave it away and just bought a samsung tablet and installed the kindle app, i rather kindle be just an app on a tablet than what amazon has done and totally taken control of the device's software

Comment i think we know why Firefox lost (Score 2) 272

I use chromium for most general purpose browsing, and I use Pale Moon for some selected websites, (Pale Moon is a fork of a much older Firefox version before it got bloated and slow. this image sums up what Firefox looks like, a once sleek Firefox just put on way to much weight and useless annoying features, sometimes a browser should just be kept as a simple but effective browser

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