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Comment I would never accept those terms (Score 1) 72

if an employer offered my stock in the complany instead of a full cashable paycheck i would refuse even walk off the job, i cant pay bills or buy gas or groceries with stock investments, i will remember this bit of bad press and take it to heart in case any skinflint corporate pirate offered me stock instead of a full cashable pay check

Comment what would be better for some would be (Score 2) 114

for Amazon to just leave the package at the customer's local post office or UPS office, or similar package handlers, then they could just go to the postoffice with a photo ID or driver's licence proving who they are and then pick up the package at their convenience, there is no way in hell am i going to let amazon or anyone else have access to my house like that

Comment Re:"I know what I'm doing!" (Score 2) 135

i worked in the oil field for a few years and yeah, you dont even have to look at the arc of a welder's work, it just has to be exposed to your eye from a few yards away and you dont notice it until after you went to bed that night, you wake up in the middle of the night feeling like your eyes have had sand rubbed in them

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