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Comment Re:A battery that doesn't suck. (Score 1) 322

Putting a watch on in the morning is a lot easier than pulling a phone out of your pocket every time you want to tell the time for the rest of the day. I remove my watch for extended computer use, sleeping and showering. I just find it more comfortable. Though I also tend to remove my glasses before I eat, so I may be the weird one here.

Comment Re:A battery that doesn't suck. (Score 1) 322

Citizen Eco Drive!

I just recently picked up one of those. Perpetual calendar, sets itself via radio signal every night, automatic daylight savings adjustment, and recharges via sunlight. Plus It's got a sapphire crystal and I paid under $400 for it. For me it's the perfect quartz watch.

Comment Re:Stupid claim (Score 1) 851

If you're including 3 years of service costs, then the phone only costs $100 or so since it'll be subsidized. And you really need to work that out for yourself. For me, having internet everywhere is worth a lot. I live in a city where I walk around and get lost a lot. If you go to a store and find something is out of stock, your phone can tell you who else might have one, and show you a map of how to get there.

If I'm in one of the large box stores and I can't find a price tag, I just scan the item with my phone and get all the details.

When my internet goes down at home (fucking rogers), I just tether to my phone.

If I need to rent a car, I can arrange a zipcar through my phone, and even honk the horn to help me find where its parked.

There are a million small uses, and to me, they're worth the $30/month I pay for data.

Comment Re:SpaceX is bullshit (Score 1) 276

the Tesla Roadster is another bullshit in action (claiming 300hp, with a ~50kWh (a bit suspect even here, given that a Prius has a battery capacity of ~1kWh) battery and a range of some 250 miles? 300hp is about 200kW, if the roadster is traveling 200mph, 50kWh gives you about 1/4h run time, which equals about 50 miles...bullshit claims QED).

Name a single car that gets its advertised city/highway mileage while operating at 100% output or 200mph. Either one will do.

Timesaving hint: there are none.

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