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Submission + - Future of Netradio may depend on DRM adoption (arstechnica.com)

Bearhouse writes: ars technica reports that the planned tripling of royalties for US-based net radios may be postponed, but at a price. From the article, "SoundExchange has offered to cap the $500 per channel minimum fee at $50,000 per year for webcasters who agree to provide more detailed reporting of the music that they play and work to stop users from engaging in 'streamripping' — turning Internet radio performances into a digital music library,". Could this mean a return to 'pirate radio', with sites moving offshore?
United States

Submission + - Robot aircraft crush worldwide enemies - from Nev. (networkworld.com)

coondoggie writes: "The first unmanned attack squadron in aviation history will arrive in Iraq today looking to deliver 500-pound bombs and Hellfire missiles to the enemy — all from the comfort of a US Air Force base in Nevada. The General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper can be controlled via satellite link thousands of miles away from operational areas. The planes are launched locally, in this case Iraq and Afghanistan, but can be controlled by a pilot and sensor operator sitting at computer consoles in a ground station, or they can be "handed off" via satellite signals to pilots and sensor operators in Nevada's Creech Air Force Base or elsewhere. http://www.networkworld.com/community/?q=node/1756 0"

Submission + - Video Game Addiction or just Stupidity?

crystall writes: From Yahoo News: Nev. couple blame Internet for neglect http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070716/ap_on_re_us/ne glect_internet_addiction Two young children suffered from neglect and the lamer parents blame "internet addiction". I won't argue about the validity of PC/Internet/Gaming addiction — I know it exists because I see it in my own home. But can it get this severe? Or are these idiots just looking for an excuse for the unexcusable? Discuss.
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Submission + - Zonbu Zonbox, green computing PC (zonbu.com)

John Sokol writes: "On the front page of Silicon Valley's Palo Alto Daily today is Zonbu inc's Zonbox new green PC that run on only 15 watts of power. I can't believe how much press this thing is getting. I read through there web site and never see any mention of Linux. Google quickly reveiled, it's based on a Via C7 processor clocked at 1.2GHz and running Gentoo Limux and based on a monthy subscription. Not nearly as impressive or new as the Palo Alto Daily or their website would make you think.
See articls at Linux devices and engadget"

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Journal Journal: "Extinct" Coelacanth caught in Zanzibar

From Reuters: Fishermen in Zanzibar have caught a coelacanth, an ancient fish once thought to have become extinct when it disappeared from fossil records 80 million years ago, an official said on Sunday.

Researcher Nariman Jidawi of Zanzibar's Institute of Marine Science said the fish was caught off the tropical island's northern tip.

Submission + - Windows XP Remote Desktop Security Hole - Account

warcriminal writes: "The default configuration of RDP (Remote Desktop) for Windows opens a pretty severe security hole. The default settings will allow an unlimited number of attempted connections to your computer, along with an unlimited number of attempts to guess username and password combinations. A simple script can be written to attempt to repeatedly connect to your computer on port 3389 (RDP Port) and brute force attack your password, in fact there are several utilities already circulating to do just that. There is no default Account Lockout that will "freeze" an account after a number of unsuccessful attempted logins. You MUST enable this manually. This article shows you how. http://www.goitexpert.com/entry.cfm?entry=Windows- XP-Remote-Desktop-Security-Hole — Account-Lockout"
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - MMORPG Under Development by Volunteers

Katana314 writes: "A game development project known only as "Top Secret" has started sign-ups for an MMORPG that will be almost completely developed by the community. The founding principles of Top Secret are not far from that of game mods, such as Counter-Strike or Team Fortress, where teams are formed solely from a desire to create something. Developer Dave Perry says "I want it to be a title they own and feel excited about." Top Secret has already had an overwhelming response, with 20,000 people signed up for it already, most likely making it the biggest game development team in history. They are still looking for talented artists, writers, designers, and anyone willing and able to contribute to the game."

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