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Comment Re:of course not! (Score 1) 426

Institutional and corporate sources make up more combined (not quite majority), but they only make up more when combined.

What inaccuracies have you seen in the WaPo? Have you compared them to other sources like Breitbart which have knowingly posted fake news stories (and aren't a fan of retractions)?

Comment Re:Best call blocker I've found (Score 1) 80

I use the app "Truecaller" which does a pretty good job identifying spammers. Unfortunately, a lot of robot callers are just taking the number they're calling and picking 4 random digits to spoof the source which makes them all fairly useless. Fortunately, I don't know anyone that would call from a number like that so I can assume they're all spam

Comment Re:A good first step (Score 1) 320

However, I believe that the rule of law is more important, so the proper sequence of events is enforce the laws on the books as they stand now so that the executive branch gets to what its like to actually do their jobs

I saw a lot of people speeding on the highway - maybe we should spend $20b to solve that problem because the rule of law is important.

Comment Re:Everyone has a right to health care (Score 1) 350

Putting the government solely in charge of health care is probably the worst thing you can do. If you want to see health care get cheaper, allow for more profits which provides natural incentive for people to find better solutions so they can make more money. Get rid of government restrictions that establish protectionist markets for drug companies and prevent people from getting cheaper alternatives. If you want a single payer solution for basic healthcare, I'm fine with that, but healthcare is not something that government is obligated to dole out in infinite amounts to anyone who wants it.

Interesting theory - can you point to somewhere that has better health coverage than the US at a lower price that does this?

Comment Re:Mirror says ugly (Score 1) 1197

Well first of all, the communist manifesto was listed on his favorite books among others such as Animal Farm and Mein Kampf (source), and his videos he posted talked about using the gold standard and anti-government statements. (source). Yes he was nuts, but I think the shooting people is more indicative than this claim.

Suck it, moron.

Comment Re:Mirror says ugly (Score 1) 1197

shootings like Senator Gabby Giffords came from a leftist.

Leftist as in Libertarian supporting ideas from the Tea Party, not pro-government Democrats.

There's no doubt that hate crimes by Trump supporters have gone up (just look at the Quebec mosque shootingfor a prime example).

The "hate machine" comes from both sides, but the huge majority of it comes from the right against minority groups.

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