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Comment Re:didn't you get the memo (Score 1) 261

Son, I'm a retired white guy from Texas and I call it like I see it.

Women did poorly on IQ tests because the 3d spatial questions were based on male culture.
Vocabulary tests (and analogies) were (and still sometimes are) often designed with very culturally biased choices.

Solve the following analogy

OLORUN is to YEMAYA as Thor is to ??????

No clue what or who Olorun and Yemaya are? You must have a low IQ!

Just like someone failing to answer

Crab Bisque is to Lobster Rolls are to ?????

High income also equates to private schooling and tutors. And $300 calculators. And special summer camps where you learn LOGO as a 7 year old. And being taught IQ and SAT tests.

Low income also equates with people refusing to sell or rent you houses or to hire you- even when you are equally qualified in every other way except your skin is slightly more brown. And to being put in jail for 2-4 years for the exact same crime that a white person is let off entirely without even a jail record (Florida- frikkin 2016!?!?!?!).

You, sir, are a racist idiot. It was clear from your first post.

Go educate yourself better on genetics, biased IQ tests, racism, and get some counseling.

Comment Re:didn't you get the memo (Score 2) 261

Yes, it must be racism because blacks from european cultures and later immigrants from african countries do much better than descendents of blacks descended from slaves and blacks in southern states.

One of the largest problems with assistance based purely on race is that it means well connected wealthy blacks get extra money while poor blacks (and other minorities and whites) do not get extra money.

Assistance should be based on economic status- not the color of a person's skin.

And many awards have come to recognize that difference over time. The private school educated black daughter of a black doctor doesn't get the assistance as easily as they did with more primitive programs in the 1970s.

Your entire post just reeks of racism and begs exactly the point I was making above. Racists (as you appear to be) argue for changes RIGHT NOW cutting benefits for minorities based on an insufficient and biased set of data and on culturally biased and primitive "intelligence" tests.

Comment Re:Only w/ fetters on environmentalist-unblessed j (Score 5, Interesting) 125

Coal is being killed because natural gas is cheaper (thank fracking).

Solar power is already cheaper than natural gas in very sunny locations. By 2020, it will be cheaper than natural gas in most locations.

The real issue is battery technology and durability. Both are improving. An electric car fleet will improve on that further. Rooftop solar will improve on that even further.

The only way coal will get cheaper is to automate coal mining. Which they are already working on. That won't bring back jobs. But it may save a lot of ex coal miners from cancer and various other coal related deaths.

Comment Re:Which comes at the cost of environmentalism. (Score 5, Informative) 125

Not really... coal is just more expensive than natural gas.

In at least a half dozen places, coal seam fires have rendered hundreds of square miles uninhabitable. We freak out when nuclear power renders hundreds of square miles uninhabitable.

The trump administration is directly assaulting the Appalachian regions. Cutting jobs programs and their safety net. The proposed republican budget cuts the benefits, food subsidies, and state to state tax transfers which have previously benefited Appalachian regions even further AND gives the money to wealthy people (almost all to the top 0.1%- not even to the top 1%) .

Comment Re:didn't you get the memo (Score 2) 261

That's not really the issue.

The issue is racists have used psuedo science too many times to justify unequal treatment under the law, unequal treatment in schooling and even eugenics (more than once too).

Good solid science will be helpful. But racists using bad science to justify for horrific evil behavior means we have to use caution going forward.

I *agree* that the far left often suppresses free speech but that is partially due to decades of bad behavior in the past around pseudo science by racists.

Comment Re:The Growth Myth (Score 1) 353

A look at "Who Pays: A distributional Analysis" with disprove that immediately.

Fact is that poor people pay a much larger percentage of their income for social security taxes (7.5 to 15% vs .03% for the top 1%), sales tax (7 to 12% (depending on the locality) vs .3%-.6% for the top 1%, state income tax ( about 2% more in most states except income tax free states and south carolina), excise taxes (about 5% to 9% vs under 1% in most states).

If federal income taxes are loaded on the poor, then state, local, excise taxes should be greatly increased for the wealthy.

Comment Re:Not an error. A lie. (Score 1) 353

There is a very good chance that President Trump is and has been suffering from dementia since before he ran for office. If you compare his vocabulary and speech patterns from 20 years ago and today, it's remarkable how childlike he has become and how simplistic he has become. His personality is the same but he's hollowing out inside and has been for serveral years.

Comment Re:...and like life it varies (Score 1) 351

Define socially positive- and over what time period? A month, a year, a decade, a generation, a hundred years?

Some things which are lovely short term are destructive mid to long term. Some things which are socially negative over the short term are positive over the long term.

And some things are socially positive for the group while others are socially positive for the individual.

I'm not disagreeing- I'm just highlighting that with a large diverse population- the same action may be both socially positive and negative and vary over time.

We define our worlds. We define what is positive and negative.

Comment Re:Wrong way is normal for Uber (Score 1) 82

AC makes an excellent point...

Curious as to whether either driver was insured to drive commercially.

Because if not, your insurance would have been on the hook for the medical bills you apparently got lucky to avoid.

(and worse- your insurance may NOT have been on the hook leaving you naked to the bills).

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