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Comment Re:Big deal (Score 1) 312

It is mind wankery. So are all the evangelical (to some extent or other) Ibrahimic faiths you mention. In this case FLG is a home born, Western grown cult. It should have been snuffed out at the very beginning. The Chinese are under siege from Ibrahimics and from scores of these home grown cults. The Chinese government will hopefully keep both under check. Why do Chinese need foreign money grubbing, brain washing religions? The Boxers had the right idea. Just as the tribals do in India when they conduct their missionary bbqs.

Comment Re:Big deal (Score 1) 312

As a practitioner of qigong learned from teachers of traditional Chinese martial arts I know what I know. These are guys who hate the Communist Chinese government by the way. I will give you some pieces of data to google below.

As a presumably ignorant white guy who believes whole heartedly in wiki crapia and google be not evil, you should continue seeking and not be brainwashed by a cult that brainwashes ignorant Chinese housewives. This whole religious tolerance thing is bullshit. FLG is a cult selling bogus techniques which harm people for money and influence. Do you know their propaganda arm such as New Tang Dyansty television network and Epoch Times? How about their yearly propaganda Chinese Cultural Extravaganza? A cult twisting Chinese culture to make money and fool unwitting idiots. The biggest shame is that the Chinese government didn't kill Li when they had the chance. And look up the idiots in China who cut their bellies hara kiri style in order to find the Wheel of Justice twirling around in their insides. What wheel? They sensed it after having practiced a wrong and deviant form of qigong. Look up qigong psychosis.

We can continue the chat after you've learned proper qigong and felt for yourself the flow of qi in your body. Or maybe even if you meet up with a real practitioner who will wave his hand from across the room and make you feel the qi flowing across your skin like a heavy fog. That would be the real deal. Li is bunk, my friend. Not a religion. It's Bunk.

Comment Big deal (Score 0) 312

This is just like the US gov persecuting the Free Men or Randy Weaver. Wish they'd persecute the Scientologists similarly. The FLG are a cult! Nothing more.

If you know anything about qigong, you'd know that their teachings are bunk and will harm a practitioner eventually.

Comment Fantastic stuff! Wish i'd dumped cable earlier! (Score 1) 151

SciFi is circling the corporate toilet bowl by cost cutting. Normally I'd be bummed, but this thread shows an overwhelming amount of good content which is freely available. I think I'm done paying the corporate no-talent-ass-clowns money for a bad signal with worse programming.

To the no-talent-corporate-ass-clowns reading this, you might want to put this year's cost-cutting bonus in the bank, because I'm pretty sure it'll be your last.


Comment Completely insecure (Score 1) 100

All you need is an 8-digit number to "claim" your support agreement! that's it! Just start making up random numbers if you need support for anything, or more importantly lists of customers, their locations, what they have. It's a marketing goldmine! What an epic failure. Does Oracle do business with the government? Thanks but no thanks. --edfardos

Comment End free trade with non-free countries (Score 1) 763

Why do we play this economic game and abide by all the free trade rules when our opponents openly cheat and manipulate the market to their own advantage? Simply end free trade with non-free countries. India is obviously in a grey area with widespread corruption, but their people and market forces are somewhat in charge. Communist China? forget it, why even play the game if you know they're going to cheat (manipulate currency, embargo, subsidies, etc)? Yes, the cost of a toaster will go from $10 to $15, but if you don't have a job, you can't even afford the $10 blender.


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