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Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 1) 190

The sad thing is that I've met plenty of computer geeks who basically say that physics is useless. They then go back to their beloved computers without realizing the tragic irony of what they just said.

Still, you're making that remark using a web browser running on top of a software stack made up of at least a multi-tasking OS kernel, a dynamic linker and an assortment of userspace libraries, written in various high-level programming languages with optimising compilers. It's not as if the transistors came up with all that by themselves.

Physics in itself is important, there's just no need for most people to be physicists.

Comment Re:Its been done for years already (Score 3, Informative) 711

OS X reports disk space better than Windows, Finder reports a 2.5MB file as taking 2,572,834 bytes of disk space.

Which version of Windows are you talking about? There would seem to be a "Size on disk" field in the properties dialog of at least XP and 7, and I'm pretty sure it's been there in several older versions.

Comment Re:FreeBASIC (Score 2, Funny) 145

Hey, if it's old-fashioned stuff you find t3h l33t, why not teach the kids Brainfuck? It's essentially the same language as P", devised by the man Böhm himself in 1964, way before all of this pish posh about how to conveniently build non-trivial programs, but also including the modern concepts of input and output. Make no mistake, however - with only eight operations to choose from, it's about as simple as you can get, and many a programmer will attest that it's fun to play with!

Comment Re:Doubt it's the "bloated codebase" (Score 1) 396

Technically true, if your program only processes a large chunk of stuff once and never has to wait for network activity, disk access, user input or some other kind of external event. NOPs aren't what the parent spoke of, however. These days, a program typically uses a blocking call or voluntarily yields execution when there's nothing for it to react to, so in the absence of active processes the OS can tell the processor to halt (possibly slowing down or turning off parts of itself until an interrupt comes by and wakes it up).

QBasic was written to be run as the sole program on an architecture which didn't have the benefit of such features, so it uses a different mechanism, which is a bad fit to modern power saving schemes.

Hope that helps.

Comment Re:Doubt it's the "bloated codebase" (Score 1) 396

It's possible that the drivers handling power management on one set of peripherals are better at their jobs than other ones, or play more nicely with some managerial component. With exceptionally crufty codebases there's lots of opportunities for unexpected effects; whether that has anything to do with this accusation of "bloat" depends on what is actually meant.

Somehow I doubt most people making it know either, nor have enough acquaintance with Windows's innards to make an expert judgment.


Ancient Star Found, Estimated at 13.2 Billion Years Old 377

raguirre writes "An article on reports that a newly found star may be as old as the universe itself. Recent studies have concluded that the Big Bang occurred somewhere in the neighborhood of 13.7 Billion years ago. The star, a heavy-elements laden fossil labeled HE 1523-0901 on charts was probably born right around the same time; approximately 13.2 Billion years ago. 'Today, astronomer Anna Frebel of the the University of Texas at Austin McDonald Observatory and her colleagues have deduced the star's age based on the amounts of radioactive elements it contains compared to certain other "anchor" elements, specifically europium, osmium and iridium.'"

Submission + - The Pirate Bay Gets Hacked

An anonymous reader writes: A group of hackers has stolen a list of all 1.6 million usernames and passwords for registered users of file-sharing site The Pirate Bay. Computer Sweden reports that the sensitive information was accessed by a group calling itself Angry Young Hackers (Arga Unga Hackare — AUH). Source:
Linux Business

Submission + - recommend Linux and get fired ..

rs232 writes: "The Bexley school district announced May 8 that it acted on the recommendations of a recently released technology audit and fired 11-year district Network Manager Curtis Mason'

Linux was my idea, Mason said."

Submission + - Adding a web interface to a C++ application

An anonymous reader writes: One thing that is always sort of a pain is setting up a graphical user interface. This is especially true if you are making an embedded application or something that functions more as a system service or daemon. In this case you probably end up creating some simple network protocol which you use to control your application via some other remote piece of software or just telnet if you are feeling especially lazy. Another option is to create a web interface and this article shows via a simple example how you can do that in C++ in just a few lines of code.

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