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Comment Re:LP? (Score 2, Informative) 306

The tracks are standard 256-bit AAC. No DRM on audio (not sure about video). The videos also come as individual files.

While the format is web-based, it's not a browse to a website solution.

My guess is that the iPod app for iPhone will have to be updated to support the extras. Same is true for AppleTV. All the components to support it are there, but they need to be put together.

I think you're seeing one early step in a multi-step process.

Comment Re:If they want to get you to buy the whole LP... (Score 2, Informative) 306

iTunes store already has "complete my Album" which lets you buy the rest of the album, getting credit for the tracks you've already bought.

In most cases, albums are generally cheaper than buying all the tracks individually. Based on my experience, it seems to be the case for about 80% of the albums I've looked at (YMMV). And the new LPs even more so (more like 95%).

As someone else pointed out, the LP appears not to add additional cost to the album to the consumer, so it is throwing in extra goodies to encourage you to go for the album.

I doubt physical CDs will ever be part of the equation because you can already just burn your own for $.15/CD.

Comment Re:LP? (Score 3, Interesting) 306

Actually, there is more. They showed the Doors LP which contained exclusive interviews and other video media. The idea is to get you to buy the whole album instead of just a track or two. I don't think they're really charging much more for it, maybe an extra $1, although the one's I've looked at seem to contain more songs than the standard album.

Whether it works out or not, I at least give them credit for trying to add some additional value to the digital media and provide some better incentives to buying whole albums.

Comment Re:Here's why (Score 1) 814

All the stuff that a Mac can't do? While there is custom software some industries require that is only on a PC (I know of some industry service sites that *still* only work with IE for Windows - not even Firefox for Windows works). In general, Macs can do pretty much everything a PC can do and often do it much better. And in those rare cases, you can run a virtual Windows to deal with that custom software situation.

So there is no actual need for a 2nd machine. I think many of these people had PCs and then bought a Mac. Now they have a Mac AND a PC because they didn't throw away their PC.

Comment Re:Wow, that's hypocracy (Score 0, Flamebait) 425

There is enough similarity that Apple is obligated to fight for its trademark. I know that U.S. trademark law *requires* you to actively protect your trademark or you could end up losing the trademark completely. Not sure how it applies to international logos, but could be that if they don't protect it internationally, it has the same consequence.

But it is definitely more than just a "stylized W" as Woolworth claims. I have never seen a "W" with a stem. From a distance, it could be mistaken for an Apple and that is enough reason for Apple to take steps to protect it's trademark.

Comment Re:Oxymoron (Score 1) 275

As an American, I wish that I could pay for a UK license (last I checked, I can't) and receive the shows you get. It's definitely better quality than MOST of the stuff that airs here.

We have 500 channels, 480 of which are probably showing some damn infomercial at this moment.

Comment Re:Like any partially treated wart (Score 5, Insightful) 275

Please do no present your rational and reasonable ideas on copyright. Clearly we have all moved beyond rational thought.

Think about who lobbies Congress on this issue, mega-Corporations that have everything to lose if they don't have perpetual copyrights. It's easily worth a few million to buy off Congressmen and Senators to guarantee unending copyrights that could generate billions over the years.

Corporations have taken over America.

Comment Re:Reasonable compromise... (Score 1) 693

I seem to recall a recent change in terms of service. My guess is that if you actually read the whole thing, it would have told you that personal info is attached to files you download.

I'm betting 99.9999% of the folks just clicked accept without reading the new terms.

My only gripe on these sorts of changes in terms of service is that I think they should highlight what has recently changed.

Comment Another thing TWC can tell their customers (Score 1) 379

Due to the fact that we're not providing a whole set of channels we claimed we would, you'll be receiving a nice credit to your account.

There should be no reason that TWC should be able to collect from their customers and then say "thanks, now go to the internet."

It's bad enough I have to pay for stupid channels I will *NEVER* watch. I'm no longer with TWC, but was never a fan of their crappy service when I was.

Comment Gas Tax already works (Score 3, Interesting) 713

Since hybrids are much lighter (to help achieve better gas mileage), they have much less wear on the road than an SUV.

This miles traveled argument sounds "fair" when you first hear it, but the only benefit it brings is the ability for the State (and Feds) to be able to track every movement of your car. This is a bad idea. The Constitution has already been shit upon for the last 8 years. I am no longer confident it would protect me from abuse by the State Gov't and Feds.

States are always looking to find new ways generate revenue from their citizens. I would first like a better accounting of where all the current money is being spent. It may all be valid, but they sure are generating a lot of revenue already.

Comment Re:Simple Solution (Score 1) 200

Sorry, my experience with TW in TX differed greatly. The worst is that ANY (and I mean absolutely ANY) call required a 30-45 minute wait to even talk to a person. The set top boxes they were pushing were so buggy that I spend more time restarting my cable box than I ever did my computers and when they didn't crash, you had about a 40% chance of it actually recording the show you asked it to record. The response from the people was absolutely useless.

I finally gave up. I returned their DVR and gave up the digital channels. And I had many friends and family with similar problems. Nothing but frustration in dealing with them. I was happy to be done with TWC.

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