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Comment Re:Am I reading this correctly? (Score 0) 417

Every single year, OSX loses the Pwn2Own competition first. Windows and Linux always go down on the same day. No matter what version has been current, OSX has always been less secure than Windows when both are up to date on patches. If Apple changes its security culture, it could mean big things for Apple in corporate environments.

So in a competition that is basically set up for Apple to lose, Apple loses ('cos no-one gets publicity for breaking the broken)

Seriously, did you really just use pose2own as evidence?

Comment Re:iphone = macintosh (Score 1) 574

Those who don't know their history are condemned to get it wrong. Simply making a statement like that doesn't make it true.

The most important question back then was "Is it IBM compatible?" because back then the people who approved computer expenditure were the biggest buyers by a mile and they never got fired for buying IBM (compatible). These days "Will it work with my iDevice" is much more likely, as even MS realises.

Back then Jobs was fired. He might die any time soon, but he is a lot less likely to get fired that Ballmer.

Back then Apple tried to set its own standards, now it actively pushes industry standards (CUPS, Webkit etc etc)

Back then the world was a place of geeks and nerds, now it is a place of consumers who can't even remember what an autoexec.bat or config.sys is and don't fucking care. They just want it to work, so a curated garden that keeps the weeds out looks pretty fucking cool as they try to clear conficker off their PC yet again..

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