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Comment Re:It's the other way around (Score 1) 215

This. Personally, I'm waiting for the promised ability to transfer my DSiWare to the 3DS before buying one. I don't think I'm the only one doing that; and I know that other people have expressed other reasons for not getting one in other comments here. I'm afraid, the big N is in the wrong this time, not consumers.

Comment Re:I object to delivery charges... (Score 1) 229

Domino's charges about half as much if you pick up the pizza yourself, yet still claims delivery is free...

Is this only if you go in the store? On their website, delivery and collection is the same price.

You get buy one get one free on collection, but not on delivery round here.

Strange. In the UK the delivery and collection is the same price, but you get buy one get one free on Tuesday. Weird.

I'm in the UK! Our local Dominoes seems to have a perpetual buy one get one free offer on (on collection); not just Tuesdays. It must be something they leave up to the individual Franchisees


Google Gmail Motion Beta 104

PB8 noted that has been following all the kinect projects that have been floating around the net, and decided to use detection along with a rich visual vocabulary including common gestures and American Sign Language to accelerate your gmail time. This is going to require a bit of a change in my email composition since normally I use those to vent frustration.

Debian, OpenSUSE, Arch, Gentoo and Grml Merge 117

tomhudson writes "debian, arch linux, opensuse, grml, and gentoo are merging to create a new distro: 'We are to announce the birth of the Canterbury distribution. Canterbury is a merge of the efforts of the community formerly known as Debian, Gentoo, Grml, openSUSE and Arch Linux to produce a really unified effort and be able to stand up in a combined effort against operating systems, to show off that the Free Software community is actually able to work together for a common instead of creating more diversity. Canterbury will be as technologically simple as Arch, as stable as Debian, malleable as Gentoo, have a solid Live framework as Grml, and be as open minded as openSUSE.' Arch Linux developer Pierre Schmitz explained: 'Arch Linux has always been about keeping its as simple as possible. Combining efforts into one single distribution will dramatically reduce complexity for developers, users and of course upstream . Canterbury will be the next evolutionary step of Linux distributions.' This will without a doubt put on Ubuntu."

SlashTweaks Let YOU Micro-Edit Slashdot 257

Here at Slashdot, we watched as Twitter discourse to just the perfect 140 characters, while showed us that everyone's voice mattered equally when creating the experience. We've taken the next step with SlashTweaks. Within each Slashdot you will be presented with several opportunities to make micro-edits: ranging from factual errors or tonal shifts to simple typos. Since Tweaks are just a single word, there is very little barrier to entry... you have no excuse not to participate. Stories will incorporate the highest rated socially and mathematically guaranteeing the best story possible. Our highest users can start new tweaks on individual words, while everyone else will be rating existing tweaks. Thanks for your participation and patience while we iterate on this, making sure that we are able to stay ahead of the edge of webbovation!

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 249

Well, my experience is that the Danish postal service is pretty forgiving about the payment too. I'd forgotten to put a stamp on a letter, so I got a letter from the post office with a photo of the letter proving that there was no stamp on it. They reminded me to put one on in the future, but they would deliver the letter at no charge this time.

The UK postal service is quite forgiving now too, a shame because they used to have special stamps that they would put on the letters\parcels to charge the person who received the item if there was no return address; stamp collectors used to post unstamped mail to themselves in order to get them.

Comment Re:Nice to get this from slashdot (Score 1) 249

minus UK, US, AU

I take it you've never been to Wales, Scotland, other parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland or Even parts of England.

The whole country doesn't speak English, so it's not rude here either. Hell, even when speaking English in England; you get a choice of dialects. And it's not just those three countries where English is an official language; Of course those other places also speak English in their own way


New EU Net Rules Set To Make Cookies Crumble 290

NickstaDB writes "From the BBC article: 'From 25 May, European laws dictate that "explicit consent" must be gathered from web users who are being tracked via text files called "cookies." These files are widely used to help users navigate faster around sites they visit regularly. Businesses are being urged to sort out how they get consent so they can keep on using cookies.'"

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 283

The thing is that smartphones by definition nowadays tend to be more of an access point to all their stuff at home. The best example is a teacher decides that a student may be doing something his parents are fine with but the teacher doesn't like so that teacher comes to the kids house, forces the kid to log into everything, and goes through everything from facebook to the kid's private files for something to expel or suspend the kid for.

While at school the teachers are in loco parentis - they have the same responsibilities and rights as parents over the children; if you've got the right to go through your kids phone, so does the school.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 391

I agree with almost everything you said but

And they also ignore that unless you keep your entire savings under your mattress, you probably have your money invested in something else, you're not affected by inflation.

Here in the UK the current Bank of England rate is 0.5% & inflation is between 3 & 4% so money in current accounts and even money in many savings accounts is affected by inflation. You have to be really a savvy or lucky saver to beat it at the moment.

Not only that, but a large part (perhaps a majority) of the UK population have little or no savings, so combined with our current austerity measures (i.e. pay freezes, cuts, VAT increase etc.) inflation has had an impact on people's purchasing power - they feel poorer, even if technically they're not.

Whilst people here aren't quite as crazy (at least in public) as some of the stuff I've heard from the US, they certainly don't like inflation.

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