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Comment Immediate unlimited derivative works? (Score 1) 360

Can't tell what Gaynor's defending here; he correctly pins down the idea-expression divide, but seem unaware that copyright restricts people from creating derivative works.
I'm of the opinion that a good beginning to copyright reform would be immediate (or 2-year delayed) permission for anyone to create derivative works that are reasonably distinct from the original.
I welcome Gaynor to the fight for more reasonable copyright as soon as he figures out that's the side he's on.

Comment Mozilla has your back (Score 1) 64

Do you really trust Apple, Microsoft, or Google to put your privacy, security, or freedom before their bottom line?
I for one cannot *wait* to get a FoxOS phone. Presumably my communications will be encrypted by default, and I expect better performance on account of not being spied on/tracked/marketed to all the time.

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