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Comment Re:The myth of Japan being 10 years ahead (Score 3, Insightful) 327

btw, you know what was the comment of my gf, when I said that I would like to have a phone with a full qwerty-keyboard, complaining that, at that time, no phone was available?

The Japanese I know prefer cellphone-style input for Japanese to qwerty. The Japanese alphabet just so happens to split up logically into ten groups, so it makes a lot of sense to use a number pad to type them. Combined with predictive text, it's pretty quick. On the other hand, the layout of the qwerty keyboard is basically random. So, the Japanese aren't really interested in using micro keyboards when a number pad works well enough and doesn't hurt your thumbs.

Comment Re:Everyone hates congress too (Score 2, Interesting) 327

Yes, but the Japanese web is mostly designed for use with crappy cellphone browsers, so it already sucks. Because their phone company charged by the minute, no one used dial up internet back in the day, but their cellphones were really good, so everyone used cellphones. So, their web has always had the assumption that your browser sucks built in.

Comment Re:Like the Copyright Black Hole? (Score 1) 398

In fairness though, isn't Atari a special case? They were developing what they thought of as unimportant children's toys (did we lose the spec to the original Hula Hoop too? Oh noes!) and then they went bankrupt several times. The current holder of the name "Atari" and attendant IP has absolutely zero connection to the original Atari.

That said, copyrights that are longer than 20 years are insane.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Google blunders April Fools Joke

Google tried to publicize their Google Paper (Printed Gmail) today, as an April Fool's Joke - not realising that in India, the Postal Service actually prints and delivers email! They now have a lot of Indians actually believing the joke!

Submission + - Is RFID A Security Risk?

An anonymous reader writes: From ABC news: "All it takes is a second, and it's gone — a modern day pick-pocket can snatch your credit card and other personal information without ever touching your wallet. The thieves need only a little know how, and about a hundred bucks. The technology we rely on everyday — is being abused." Video at side&id=5065414

Submission + - Steve Jobs Thoughts on Music

An anonymous reader writes: With the stunning global success of Apple's iPod music player and iTunes online music store, some have called for Apple to "open" the digital rights management (DRM) system that Apple uses to protect its music against theft, so that music purchased from iTunes can be played on digital devices purchased from other companies, and protected music purchased from other online music stores can play on iPods. Let's examine the current situation and how we got here, then look at three possible alternatives for the future. Story here

Submission + - Jobs Calls for End of DRM

Zelet writes: In an open letter, Steve Jobs describes the current and possible future state of DRM. Ultimately, he calls on European customers to push for music companies to distribute non-DRMed music online.

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