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Comment Russiaphobic complaints hit US right in the face (Score 1) 143

Except Russia's continual war on free countries everywhere is a fact you can't argue with -- and they've never stopped.

The CIA has overthrown dozens of governments since WWII. Can you name the last one overthrown by Russia without going back to the USSR? You can skip Crimea unless you want me to explain how much of an idiot you are, as the population wouldn't have voted to join Russia if your literal neo-Nazi pals hadn't taken over Ukraine in a US-backed coup. Furthermore....

Which country has illegally attacked a dozen countries this century?

Which country had a worldwide kidnapping and torture program?

Which country spies on the electronic communications of every person on the planet, including allied heads of state?

Which country has a policy of bombing weddings and funerals, then follows up those strikes with "double taps" to murder any rescuers?

Which country has a gulag on the island of Cuba RIGHT NOW?

Comment Re:Clickbait headline (Score 1) 95

Just about every Protestant based church has a local board of elders that oversees the church staff.

This is mostly the case for Presbyterian-derived churches (Presbyter = elder), but many other protestant denominations have no concept of elders. They may have people with similar functions, but tend to call them other things like pastors or deacons.

In fact, I'd think most Christians except those from Presbyterian-derived churches would think of Elders as young Mormons knocking on doors.

Comment Re:Not just automation (Score 1) 330

You really have no clue what you are talking about. The name "neural nets" comes from an expectation that was never fulfilled. Actual experts call them "statistical classifiers". And the "deep" part refers to the layering, not the power of what they can do. Even deep learning needs pre-classified data unless all you are interested in is the clusterings. In actual applications you will also need to know what the clusters are and that cannot be done by any machine on the planet, because it requires actual intelligence. Deep learning just makes the part to design the network cheaper and that is it. It does not perform better than a designed network.

Comment Re:Not just automation (Score 1) 330

You misunderstand what "deep neural networks" are. They are in fact worse than flat networks, but flat networks need a human to structure them and that human need to understand the target problem. The only thing deep networks do is reduce the human part (the one needing actual intelligence) of training, at the price of worse performance both with regards to CPU cycles and accuracy.

Hence deep neural networks are not neural networks on steroids. They are a dumber, cheaper variant.

Comment Re:Not just automation (Score 1) 330

That "Go" thing was basically a stunt and entirely unfair. Also, "deep learning" is not any smarter than traditional learning and has nothing to do with human intelligence. Deep learning is what you do when you do not have a model of the target space that you could use to design the network. Results are worse than for designed networks, but they are a lot cheaper to obtain. Deep learning has no connection to what humans do when they think. Of course, most humans think rarely and hence much of what they do can be done by non-intelligent automation. And that is the problem we are facing.

And no, general AI is not even on the very distant horizon. We have absolutely nothing in machines that can produce even a dim glimmer if insight or understanding. And we do not even have a credible theory how it could be done. Maybe we will have that glimmer in 50 years, but certainly not before and we may still well never get it. The fact is that the closer we look at what humans do when they think, the more mysterious it gets. Humans can do things where it now looks very likely that the brain does not have enough computing power to do them, even if strong AI is possible. And consciousness? We have no clue at all what that is.

Comment Re:So um... How many reboots (Score 1) 119

Was Intel expecting? Me, I was expecting one to install the patch.

You don't need a reboot for the Intel patches. Those are microcode updates, which can be applied on a running system.

(Reverting to an earlier version of microcode requires a reboot, though.)

Comment Re: Totally unbiased opinion by TFA's 'journalist (Score 2) 143

And you, obviously, are the final arbiter of Truth and Fiction.

Aren't we all our own final arbiters of Truth and Fiction?

You reject out of hand any criticism of your team, no matter how accurate or demonstrably true,

I don't have a team in your politics, but I recognize bull shit when someone writes it. Claiming that Hillary Clinton "got away with actual literal treason" is bullshit and you ought to know it too. It's not because I think Hillary Clinton is innocent as pure driven snow, for example, if you want to claim she committed gross negligence in handling classified documents, and should get jail time, I'll disagree with your position (and I'll back up my disagreement with facts), but I won't question your grip on reality.

yet will believe entirely the latest Russia Collusion story that comes with no named sources, no documents, and often no logic.

Not really, I think it's pretty unlikely that Mueller will find any damning evidence that Trump actually colluded with the Russians to win the election. I find it amusingly ironic that a book that the Trump White House has declared as Fake News, Fire and Fury, actually does a pretty good job of explaining one potential reason why collusion at the top level of Trump's presidential campaign is unlikely to be found: Trump never planned to win. If that claim is true (I find it more amusing than convincing, given the source), then Trump couldn't have collaborated with the Russians to win the election because he never wanted to win until after he did. If Trump planned to lose the election, and managed to screw it up by winning, then he has a pretty good defence against that accusation, but frankly, Trump probably can't admit that until after the 2020 election because if he says it, then his followers might realize they'd been manipulated and duped by a con man, and then they might not vote for him in 2020...

Anyway, I'm not sure what you think I should be believing or not believing here. Mueller is definitely investigating and indictments have been laid against people, and people have plead guilty. That's more than an iota of evidence for something, according to my perspective. Or am I supposed to believe that there is no Mueller, no Mueller investigation, and the whole thing has been made up by the media?

No thanks. You can keep your "truth" and I'll keep mine.

No, you won't. You're going to share your truth every time you post, just like I am. You don't have to like or believe what I write, but you can't stop me from making fun of the crazies who write ridiculous posts. Don't worry, though, I also make fun of the crazy liberals, when I see them, it's just there really aren't that many on Slashdot any more and when I do see them, the Warriors for Trump have already beaten me to the punch...

Comment Re:Not just automation (Score 1) 330

It is not really AI, it is plain dumb automation. But it is a lot cheaper now and a lot faster and accurate at being dumb. That is a killer. It will not replace the 1...10% of a low-skill job that actually cannot be done with "dumb", but that still means most workers in entire classes of jobs will not find work anymore.

Comment Re:They still don't fucking get it. (Score 1) 330

Good summary. Now, "receptionist" is a job that will not go away, but it will not provide many jobs. The market is just exceptionally small and it has pretty steep requirements: Helpful, educated, pleasant manner and to look at, punctual and dependable. Most people cannot actually be receptionists.

Comment Re:They still don't fucking get it. (Score 2) 330

Actually, everybody is at risk. I agree that the "paper pushers" will suffer horribly and that is the first time this happens. Many jobs in the "paper pusher" class can already be automatized to a large degree and it keeps getting cheaper to do so. But keep in mind that an empty (or not built in the first place) office building does not need cleaners either.

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