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Comment Re:So what's the big deal? (Score 1) 145

The change in the way malware connects.
In the past it would be easy to understand that strange new connection from deep within an OS or network due to a lack of encryption.
It looks the same on every computer or network.
With lots of new encryption products that malware gets more places to hide as something the user could be encrypting.

Comment Re:C? (Score 1) 219

You probably have not looked right. There are basically no "C coder" jobs, but there are a lot of "expert in xyz and can also code c". Jobs that primarily ask for coding skills in one language are just for code-monkeys that will go unemployed in the not-too-distant future when the next hype comes along.

Comment Re: Understood (Score 1) 219

Very much this. A competent coder understands that tabs are not defined the same everywhere and just cause problems, and hence just disables them in the editor used. It is also extremely easy to replace them with proper spaces if you know how wide they are supposed to be in a piece of code.

Anybody that really has a problem with this should not be let near program code as they are just incompetent.

Comment Re:python is great... for programs that fit on a p (Score 1) 219

That comment just shows you have no clue. Statically typed languages are not superior to dynamically typed ones ones. Statically typed is a bit better for beginners, but then it stands in your way. Static type safety is just an older hype from the "lets make a language that any moron can code in" crowd, and it basically never delivered on most of its promises.

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