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Comment Re:San Bernadino all over again (Score 1) 450

Not trolling, trucks are not knifes nor are they guns. How many can you kill with a knife rather than a rifle? If those ISIS blokes in London had AR-15s how many would have died? Knifes require the personal touch.

Check Australia's murder with guns after the Port Arthur massacre. See also Dunblane in the UK after young kids where killed in a school, also rates dropped.

Pleased I do not live in your country.
BTW not alt-left; I prefer Social Democrat.

Comment Re:The perfect is the enemy of the good (Score 1) 160

Not American so not too concerned about the intricacies of your (?) constitution Anonymous Coward.

We are not talking about a strawman religion of murderers, we are talking Islam; the vast majority (like any other religion) are peaceable folk, who do not want others to be converted against there will.
You still holding to the Old Testament injunctions of a savage god as well mate?
Trump found out that he cannot ban people just because they are Muslims.

Feel free to post in the shade of pseudonymity Coward.

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