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Comment Re:You blew it. (Score 0) 167

It's really pathetic. People like the AC cannot see individuals. They simply can't. To them, Khanna was fired but "THE PARTY" and not one politician like actually happened. I think they are neurologically incapable of it, like how some people can't recognize faces.

The geekverse has become a complete intellectual wasteland riddled with batshit ideology and absolutely no critical thinking at all.

Comment Re:Wait, What? (Score 1) 167

Stick to weeding out trolls.

eldavojohn goes off the rails in his first sentence. Khanna was not fired by "the Republican Party." He was fired by *one* guy at the request of a handful of others. That's what you want to give A+ to? Don't ever go into teaching, please.

Overall the Republicans are still more conservative, so a conservative like Khanna will have the best luck working within the GOP, perhaps with, you know, one of the *thousands* of others who didn't fire him.

Comment Re:Wait, What? (Score 0) 167

Because his firing was the result of a small handful of Republicans, not everyone in the Party. Maybe he feels he can still work with the larger Party and change it from within?

Honestly, this absolute lack of ability a lot of you have to perceive that actions are carried out by individuals and not groups is more disturbing than anything discussed in the answers.

Comment Re:Couldn't read (Score 2) 167

No, the problem isn't not seeing individuals. He was fired by individuals (Steve Scalise and some handful of reps who made the request), not by everyone on the Republican Party. And he flat out says the current Republican Party is broken. What more do you want?

Hell, it's *your* type of thinking, advocating dislike or distrust for an entire group because of the actions of individuals, that is often used by authoritarians to divide and conquer opposition.

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