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Comment Re:Not the same, in several aspects (Score 2, Informative) 451

Plus there's no expectation that FedEx would (or should) have access to the *contents* of your mail,

Seeing as I accidentally replied to the wrong post...

Yes, there is. When you get a shipping account from FedEx, you explicitly allow them to open and inspect any package at any time for any reason.

Comment Re:Stop using FedEx (Score 1) 451

I have worked (as a courier, as well as on the docks) for FedEx ground for over 5 years during my life.

When you sign up for a shipping account, you authorize FedEx to open your shipment. Some of this, IIRC, is to cover for cases of package damage and the need for FedEx to repackage your goods. I've seen cases of their shipping centers opening a dropped off package because they had reason to suspect the shipper was sending alcohol, which in most cases requires a special permit and is governed by some strict regulation.

In general, to cover themselves, they reserve the right to open and inspect any package. I'm fairly certain that so does UPS. I'm not sure about the Post Office.

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