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Comment 480 != 48 kbps (Score 1) 207

The whole article is a miscalculation.

His player reported 0.48 Mbps or 480 kbps and not 48 kbps!!!

From FTA:
"Bringing up the Status window I noticed my download performance was a far cry from my 7 mbps speed, but rather a measly 0.48 mbps, about 1/14th the speed of my line:"

Even the screen image shows 1/2 Mbps.
480 kbps is nothing to complain about.

Can't believe nobody noticed this... is this ./ ?


iPhone App Causes Google To Shut Down SMS Service 420

An anonymous reader writes "A few days ago, Inner Fence released a paid iPhone app called Infinite SMS, which let iPhone users employ Google's free SMS gateway to send SMS messages without paying their service providers. The resulting surge in traffic on Google's SMS gateway forced Google to block all third-party applications from using the free SMS feature — including Google's own GTalk client."
The Courts

Libel Suits OK Even If Libel Is Truthful 301

Defeat Globalism writes to tell us that many journalists, bloggers, and media law specialists are concerned about a new ruling by a US Court of Appeals in Boston. The new ruling is allowing a former Staples employee to sue the company for libel after an email was sent out informing other employees that he had been fired for violations of company procedures regarding expense reimbursements. "Staples has asked the full appeals court to reconsider the ruling, and 51 news organizations have filed a friend-of-the-court brief saying that the decision, if allowed to stand, 'will create a precedent that hinders the media's ability to rely on truthful publication to avoid defamation liability.' But Wendy Sibbison, the Greenfield appellate lawyer for the fired Staples employee, Alan S. Noonan, said the ruling applies only to lawsuits by private figures against private defendants, that is, defendants not involved in the news business, over purely private matters."

New Electrode Lets Batteries Charge In 10 Seconds 348

Al writes "A new lithium-ion electrode allows batteries to be charged and discharged in 10 seconds flat. Developed by Gerbrand Ceder, a professor of materials science at MIT, it could be particularly useful where rapid power bursts are needed, such as for hybrid cars, but also for portable electronic devices. In testing, batteries incorporating the electrodes discharged in just 10 seconds. In comparison, the best high-power lithium-ion batteries today discharge in a minute and a half, and conventional lithium-ion batteries, such as those found in laptops, can take hours to discharge. The new high rate electrode, the researchers calculate, would allow a one-liter battery based on the material to deliver 25,000 watts, or enough power for about 20 vacuum cleaners."

National Ignition Facility Fires 192-Beam Pulse 438

An anonymous reader writes "The construction and test firing of the National Ignition Facility have been completed. NIF was designed as the first facility ever to achieve self-sustaining nuclear fusion and, in particular, to reach the point of ignition in which more energy is generated from the reaction than went into creating it. While the recent 192-beam pulse only produced 80 kilojoules worth of energy, all signs point to NIF being able to reach an order of magnitude higher (PDF) than that in the coming year."

Comment http login form then submit to https problem (Score 1) 152

Some credit card sites have this bug.

Log-in page loads over http:/// and then it submits to https:/// which is very vulnerable.

I hacker can change the login page (over http) to point to his own site. Before clicking submit you have to debug the page to find out if it is submitting to the correct site... and by that time it is too late. They can afterwards fake loading error and forward to original page...

And even worse, on some site I couldn't find a log-in form loaded over https.

Please note, that no fishing is required to do this - it can be done over live traffic. The attacker modifies the login page on the fly because it is loaded over http.

Comment Re:And why the hell do I need a driver for this? (Score 1) 363

I tried charging RAZR using 2 different non-Motorola mini-USB 500mA chargers and it said "Cannot charge" on the phone.

Clearly it is not a 100mA/500mA issue. They intentionally lock it to their own chargers. That's why it requires drivers on PC...

It seems, Motorola has their own interpretation of the word 'standard'.

Comment Re:Another thing to look out for (Score 1) 225

5ms is fine...

However, there are monitors with 60-80ms input lag!
This is a whole 4-5 frames lag. Even video would be out of sync on such monitors (lips behind sound).

Now, most monitors have only 20-40 ms input lag and some have less then 10 or 0.

You just want to make sure the monitor you are buying is not the one with 70ms input lag.

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