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Comment Re:Oh yeah?? (Score 1) 1052

But but, Steve Jesus Jobs said "3.5 inch was the MOST PERFECT EVAAAR phone size"... and all you fanbois were falling over each other bashing Samsung and Android for large screen size. whatever happened to that????

This changes everything.

Comment Re:Good facial recognition (Score 1) 194

This seriously can't be a patent. It may be time to get rid of software patents entirely. This is rediculous. Does someone have a patent on clicking a button to login? What about pressing enter? How about a finger print or using a password. Maybe we could patent a swipe or a pin. How about a graphical pattern. Or we could patent combinations of those. Maybe patent restrictions on passwords...requiring at least 1 capital leter and one number, or a symbol and at least 8 characters. How about clicking to follow links, or storing text as 16 bit characters.

Comment Re:A change in the way we talk about this is neede (Score 1, Funny) 1218

Specifically, the term "creationism" is inadequate. What we really mean here is "Christian creationism." That puts a finer point on it, and lets everyone in the conversation know exactly what we mean. I think it even exposes the proponents of it to some enlightenment on what they're really saying.

I think an argument has more weight when you say, "Do you mean to tell me that you want Christian creationism taught instead of evolution? Do you think other religions' creationist ideologies should be taught as well?"

From now on, every time I get caught up in this argument, I will use the term, "Christian creationism," and not just "creationism."

The term "evolution" is inadequate. What we really mean here is "atheist evolution." Now we can see the argument is really, "Do you mean to tell me that you want creationism taught instead of atheist evolution? Do you think aetheism should be established as the national religion?"

Comment Atlanta Weather (Score 1) 422

From Kirk Mellish, the only weatherman I have ever known to have any sort of accuracy, speaking about weather in metro Atlanta when the heat wave hit:

Fortunately this does not mean the whole summer will be hot. Remember in May when it turned unseasonably hot and everyone was saying "OMG its gonna be killer hot from here to fall" and I said history does not support that. Well, until now June has been cooler than normal! After this heat wave, the rest of the summer will be closer to normal but with both more heat waves and some spells of below-normal temperatures expected through August. So relax, hot spells happen in summer in the south. We won't know what kind of summer it was until September!

Comment Re:Bullwinkle never knew (Score 1) 235

Instinctual behaviors are not considered planned behaviors. This is a unique display from the chimp in question that other chimps don't do, so it is not instinctual. Previous questions were if it was perhaps a learned behavior or that the initial gathering and stockpiling was unrelated to the use of the rocks to throw at zoo visitors. The fact that he seems to have recognized that he has a better chance of successfully attacking the visitors by portraying peaceful action and concealing his weapons gives much more evidence that this chimp is capable of advanced thought and planning.

...and too much beer.

Comment Re:Slashvertisement (Score 1) 119

Actually high performance computing has created more demand. Nvidia GPU's are being used in massive supercomputers using OpenCL and CUDA. "AMD GPU's support OpenCL." There are a many more people who are interested in the latest and greatest GPU than you may think, specifically on a news for nerds site. So yeah, sweat article and thanks for the heads up about the new benches MojoKid.

They did not focus on the general purpose computing circuitry so that power and heat could be reduced. The main focus was on gaming. Seperate cards will be created specifically for computing.

Comment Re:Can people actually tell the difference? (Score 2) 607

15 years ago, back when we had CRT's for monitors, this was widely studied. 24 fps was used for movies as it was the minimum frame rate required for people to detect motion. 60 fps was determined to be the rate at which 85% of people could no longer detect frames. I remember one person we tested could detect frames up to about 85 fps. I'm not sure where these other numbers came from (i.e. 120fps, 240 fps, etc).

Comment Interferance (Score 2) 414

Being a doubter I had always questioned the ban on electronics. This was until one time we couldn't land due to interference. The landing systems were inoperable. We were unable to land until the stewardess found the person whose device was causing the interference. After the flight I did some research and found that faulty grounding in the plane can result in devices causing interference with the electronics. In our case it wiped out the landing navigation. I doubt this is the case with all planes but I can speak of at least one.

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