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Comment Re:I'll play Devils Advocate here (Score 1) 547

Software development is creative work. "8 hours of programming" probably doesn't consist of 8 hours of typing. And if it does, you're either an incredibly productive programmer, or an incredibly inept programmer

How would you pay a poet by the hour? Does he only get paid for the hours where his pen is actually touching paper?

Comment Re:My question is (Score 1) 411

Why don't all car radio setups come with a line-in jack? Even many of the aftermarket ones don't have them (on the front, at least). Such a cheap part, and yet so many people use their ipods via FM tuner or tape adapter.

My cheap-ass '06 Toyota Scion came with one, standard. They also offered an iPod dock kit for a couple hundred bucks more.

Comment Re:followup comments (Score 1) 345

If you find yourself in a car of any brand where the engine is accelerating without command, put the car in neutral (your engine will be fine, as the engine computer has several "rev limiters" built-in)

I had an accelerator cable stick on me in a Dodge Caravan, years ago. I can't help but to think back to that every time I read how some Toyota owners have ended up in accidents as a result of this issue. In my experience, it wasn't that hard to address the problem safely.

    In my case, the problem was really the result of poor maintenance on my part -- the accelerator cable passes above the battery, and I'd let the battery leak so badly, a mound of crystalized acid built up and was rubbing against the cable. To make matters worse, I was driving the POS 120 miles a day.

Finally, one day on the highway, I pressed the gas, let off, and the damn thing kept accelerating. The cable had stuck. While I'd imagine downshifting comes naturally if you've driven a manual, I've never driven anything other than an automatic in my life. Fortunately, my father had taught me to downshift when descending steep grades, rather than ride the breaks. As a result, I had the presence of mind to downshift, and pull off at the next off-ramp.

In retrospect, I probably should have immediately brought the thing to a complete stop on the shoulder and had it towed, but I actually managed to navigate several blocks and stop lights shifting between first and neutral. Parked it at a Chevron that had an attached garage.

I suppose my purpose in relating this is twofold: first it provides real world confirmation of your advice. Secondly, I suppose it serves as a reason for anyone teaching someone to drive to also teach them about the concept of "engine breaking". That extra bit of knowledge probably saved me from ending up in a high speed collision.

Comment Re:unbelievable, yet very believable (Score 1) 492

Sony allowed Betamax to carry porn, and have (or rather had) a whole library to prove it. Playboy, swimsuits, unmentionable stuff - it was all available on Betamax

Unmentionable? On slashdot? More taboo than goatse?

Well NO WONDER no one was buying betamax porn! Once you've seen volumes 1 - 5, "Meatspin: Volume 6" just isn't worth $49.95.

Comment Re:The cat and mouse game. (Score 1) 68

The only item to fix was the version of the web server was just one behind current. The changelog indicated that it was to fix a vulnerability on a different platform, so it was completely unrelated to us...

After opening the firewall to them, and changing the version number on the web server (there were reasons we couldn't do the trivial upgrade), we passed with flying colors.

        For them, they were interested in the version numbers handed off by the server, not what they actually were. For example, if it was Apache, we could have it report Apache version 9.9.9, and that would have made us pass on that part without fail for years.

For anyone who isn't familiar with this stuff, there are reasons beyond those stated by the OP that make this "apache version number must be current" policy moronic.

There are the obvious, stated ones:
  1. You can just change the version number apache reports
  2. The latest version may not fix anything meaningful
  3. The latest version may actually introduce problems

Another, less obvious reason this is stupid:
  4. Distributions like Debian and Redhat release a single version of apache, and then continue to use it for months or years, backporting security patches ASAP. So your version number may *say* you're 12 months behind on patches, but in reality, you're only 12 months behind on functional changes; you've basically got all the bleeding-edge security patches, assuming you're keeping current with the distro-provided packages.

And of course, if you build from source, you may be doing the exact same sort of backporting yourself.

Comment Re:Sure the MPAA wasn't worried about piracy? (Score 1) 344

You can't video tape a 3D movie from your seat

I wonder, could you? If you broke the polarizing glasses they give you in two, and put one lens over each of two cameras, mounted a specific distance apart?

I suppose maybe the result might be too lossy to achieve a workable 3d effect. And of course, projecting the resulting recordings would have its own challenges.

Comment Re:This seems stupid. (Score 1, Insightful) 344

I just considered it a movie. No more. There are a lot of people drawing parallels between the RDA and $group_in_authority and the Na'vi and $persecuted_group. However, I'm sure with any popular movie which isn't using the same stale IP as before, this could be put into place. People alluded the Empire in Star Wars to groups in real life when that debuted.

Yeah, I never understood why people compared star wars to WWII. I mean, sure, the "bad guys'" troops are called storm troopers, and Darth Vader orders acts of genocide.

That's clearly nothing like Nazi Germany, which also coincidentally had troops called stormtroopers (in English), while Adolf Hitler ordered acts of genocide.

How could anyone possibly compare the two? ...Damn near all themes in science fiction are drawn from present day events, or history. As a child, I too liked to see sci-fi as stories that had no meaningful connection with real life. As an adult, I now see the connections everywhere.

Comment Re:So how do we DDoS Microsoft? (Score 1) 332

Also, the fact remains that there are links out there that point to "", not all of those links will (or can) change, and I would be an absolute fool to knowingly break them, if I want people to visit RCo via referral traffic.

That can be resolved with a single, simple apache rewrite rule.

Continuing to support www. -- if only by rewrite rule -- is unfortunately a necessary evil presently. If it isn't "www.*.com", the technically unsavvy majority doesn't understand it.

Comment Re:The flipside (Score 1) 580

For what it's worth, your diatribe comes off as fairly melodramatic. You'd do well with a rewrite that puts more emphasis on the largest issues (management having no idea how long projects should take, lack of air conditioning, coworkers incapable of basic communication), de-emphasizing the most trivial complaints (manager that checks in "up to 3 times a day"? A company focused on profit? These seem par for the course), and omitting the dramatic hyperbole entirely -- especially the repeated mentions of being "almost in tears", and the paragraph of suicidal ideations.

It was clearly a lousy job, and you were right to leave, but the way you've written your account doesn't put you in a terribly positive light either.

Comment Re:conundrum (Score 1) 464

Giving information to law enforcement is not "bowing down." The police are working for us, they are our employees... Cooperating with the police to do a job we give them is not evil.

...Unless the police have been tasked with an evil job. Like, I don't know... rounding up all the Jews so they can be systematically exterminated?

I hate to play the Godwin card, but it happened. And it's an obvious, concrete example of how unconditional cooperation with whoever happens to be in power can be unquestionably morally wrong.

Morality and legality may frequently overlap, (e.g. killing and stealing are generally both illegal and morally wrong), but they are nonetheless distinct, and there are many areas in which they don't overlap -- illegal actions that are moral, immoral actions that are legal, etc.

Comment Re:Does it have Adblock? (Score 1) 274

Install 6 extensions (especially firebug), and actively browse in at least 6, if not 12 tabs for a day. If your memory utilization doesn't hit AT LEAST 500 meg after 8 hours, call the editors of the Guiness Book.

This may sound like an extreme usage pattern, but it's all to common for anyone doing any sort of web development.

Comment Re:Why a video (Score 1) 629

Who's going to watch a video review, much less a 70 minute one? Write it up on a web page with some illustrative clips.

I'm not sure why there's this trend to having high bandwidth video for stuff that the simple written word can handle. The Apple site comes to mind with the "Learn Your Way Around the Mac in Minutes" videos, that would take only seconds if it were text. Some of us still remember how to read.

Who's going to watch a movie trilogy filmed 20 years ago, much less a 5 hour one? Write it up in a book with a handful of pictures.

I'm not sure why there's this trend to having high bandwidth film for stuff that the simple written word can handle. Some uf us still remember how to read.

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