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Comment Re:oh well (Score 1) 385

We recently had an issue with HP servers showing temperatures of 255C on motherboard sensors...
They said this was a firmware issue and told us to flash the bios to fix this. We did... the sensor now shows -127C. Big help.

"Big help" - Why are you complaining? This is great! Think of the electricity savings! Not only can you stop cooling these servers, you can actually use them to cool your other hardware!

You're not thinking outside the box, that's the problem with you young people.

"HP Software Cooling Systems [tm] - unleash the power of unsigned char!"

Comment Re:Why such low specs (Score 2, Insightful) 307

The crazy thing is, even though you are right that these are low specs by modern standards, these are still basically laptop-level specs. Hell, it would beat a 2006 MacBook *Pro*:

The convergence between phones and computers is nigh. The Ubuntu Edge concept was ahead of its time, but soon enough smartphones will have enough computing power to fill 95% of people's needs. When that happens, who would want to buy a huge, noisy desktop box rather than just plug a screen+keyboard into the phone that you carry with you all the time anyway?

Same thing for laptops. How long will it take before the majority of "laptops" are actually empty shells into which you can just plug your phone?

Comment Re:A champion may not even exist (Score 1) 131

Or maybe they don't care whether it's a total order or not, because they have things like Elo ratings to approximate that in real time.

It so happens that Carlssen has been absolutely destroying the Elo classification for years now. Fun fact: the gap between Magnus Carlssen and number 2 on the FIDE list (Levon Aronian) is equal to the gap between number 2 and number 20! (Source: )

What a Championship gives you is "the man who beat the man". It's more a honorary title than an objective assessment of your chess capability (though historically there's been reasonable correlation between the two), but people happen to care about that stuff too.

Comment Re:Probably Obama. Or the Tea Party. (Score 3, Informative) 569

Well, it's complicated.

Take the example of France. Broadband internet and digital TV go largely through DSL. And yes, it's pretty damn cheap. When I was there, three years ago, I was paying 30 Euros / month for broadband internet + unlimited phone calls + television with a bazillion channels (did you know that there are two channels broadcasting in frigging Aramaic?)

Now one reason why France has cheap, abundant DSL is because of massive infrastructure built by former government monopolies. But at the beginning, even though they had this infrastructure, internet was still pretty damn expensive. The few telcos that were operating the networks obviously had a very gentle concept of competition.

Then this guy came along, leased an existing network and offered much better service at much lower cost. Everybody had to align.

So it's not just about competition or government - it's both together. Also, there's competition and "competition". Competition only works if you have some outsider willing to move in and break the "gentlemen's agreements". Apparently T-mobile is kind of doing this in America with mobile phone contracts, but broadband internet is still firmly within the grip of the cable oligopoly.

Comment Re:The Problem with Self Driving Cars (Score 1) 287

Either maintain your current speed or accelerate slightly just before and during the lane change. Do not slow down, as this will cause vehicles behind you to get closer and possibly cause a collision.
After you are in your new lane, turn off your turn signal.

and yes you DO slow down and get behind other cars in the other lane, you do NOT pull the gun it, dart in and hit your brakes dooshbag maneuver.

You know what? I think you've just highlighted an important source of incorrect driving right there.

Comment Re:Right for the wrong reasons (Score 2) 206

It was probably the most comfortable house arrest in history.

Yeah, after they very nearly burnt him to death, they generously agreed to keep him fed while locking him up for life. Bleeding hearts that they were.

While history has shown his theory to be correct, it is for the wrong reason. Copernicus was wrong on the parallax shifts and if they had better instrumentation he would have seen the shifts. So in a way both sides were correct at the time. The heliocentric model was correct, although that was never really disputed, but the Church was correct in that it failed the rigors of scientific proof.

BS, BS, and more BS.

From the original Papal Condemnation of Galileo:

"We say, pronounce, sentence, and declare that you, the said Galileo, by reason of the matters adduced in trial, and by you confessed as above, have rendered yourself in the judgment of this Holy Office vehemently suspected of heresy, namely, of having believed and held the doctrine—which is false and contrary to the sacred and divine Scriptures—that the Sun is the center of the world and does not move from east to west and that the Earth moves and is not the center of the world; and that an opinion may be held and defended as probably after it has been declared and defined to be contrary to the Holy Scripture; and that consequently you have incurred all the censures and penalties imposed and promulgated in the sacred canons and other constitutions, general and particular, against such delinquents."

By its own admission, the Church condemned Galileo for one single reason: he kept telling people that the Earth moves around he Sun.

You know these people who insist that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery - even after you show them the original declarations of secession? Same difference.

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