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Comment Re:What a dumb idea (Score 1) 342

Millenials? I'm 56, and I'd rather do business with a touchscreen than with a real live person. In fact, I find it disturbing when I walk into a bank and the teller greets me by name, and I'm disappointed when the Jamba Juice employee remembers me and I don't have to tell them my name (where do they find people that can immediately recognize 1000 different customers?

Comment Assumptions (Score 1) 117

Why do people assume everyone has just one Facebook account? I've created throw-away accounts myself. Yes, Facebook would like to sell you on the total number of accounts created, rather than the number that are actually being used... but that would result in a lot less ad revenue, wouldn't it? My mother has a Facebook account that she literally hasn't logged into since 2007... but I'm sure Facebook still counts her as a customer! (She has alzheimer's, I'm pretty sure she's forgotten the password by now.)

Comment Re:A costly mistake... (Score 1) 228

Yeah, stamping is used for _horizontal_ surfaces, because you can't really stamp a design into a _vertical_ surface. If it's soft enough to stamp, it tends to flow downhill. Yes, there are vertical walls that are stamped, but I believe they are stamped when horizontal, then pulled up into place after they cure.

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