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Comment Re:18:9 (Score 1) 132

Because consumers are STUPID! Do you know that several companies make TOSlink optical audio cables... with gold-plated connectors? The ignorant consumer has been trained to think "gold-plated = better audio" just like they've been trained to think "bigger numbers = better". This is readily apparent with companies produciing 8K screens, which is twice the visual perception limit of the human eye! But hey, "bigger numbers are always better!"

Comment Single word answer (Score 1) 435

Porn. Not quite as embarrassing when you're watching it on VR goggles as when you're watching it on the TV visible through the living room picture window. Why didn't 3D catch on? Too many different formats, and the age old chicken-and-egg dilema: nobody buys the devices unless there is content available, and nobody produces content if there are lots of devices out there to play it. Now explain to me who is buying 8K televisions with zero content for the available...

Comment Re:Thanks Audiophiles! (Score 1) 207

That's the other restriction: it relies on ads being played on audio systems capable of generating frequencies higher than 30KHz at energy levels high enough to be detected by a device with a microphone capable of accurately picking up and digitizing frequencies above 30KHz. Possible, but not really the global norm yet. In fact, pretty much only works on rich people, doesn't it?

Comment Huh? (Score 1) 207

That relies on people being stupid enough to leave compromised apps running on a machine with a microphone, and only tells you what broadcast coverage area the user is in... it's not like it narrows the location down that much! If you've got a compromised app constantly sending data over the internet, wouldn't it be easier to just trace the IP packets back to the source?

Comment Re:I'm sure there's a reason... (Score 1) 192

4K is the limit of human visual perception, so 4K makes sense in that you can't see the individual pixels when the entire screen is in your field of view. Going higher that 4K for video entertainment is pointless, it's only a marketing numbers game to get more money out of naive consumers. Recently, I discovered many vendors make TOSlink cables with gold-plated connectors. That's right, OPTICAL cables with gold plating, which does absolutely nothing to improve the light-conducting properties of the fiber! Consumers are stupid, and have been trained by Monster Cable that "Gold plated audio cable = good!" Even if it's not an analog electrical audio cable...

Comment Re:I'm sure there's a reason... (Score 1) 192

The absolute size of the TV is irrelevant. It's the ratio of the size of the TV to how close you're sitting to it! An 8K phone even makes sense if you're using it for google cardboard style VR goggles. If your sitting 4' away from your 55" TV, you can see the difference 4K makes. Agreed, most people don't sit close enough to the TV to tell the difference!

Comment Re:Probably for the benefit of movie studios (Score 1) 192

A secret master key sounds pretty naive. EVERY decoding device needs to include that master key in some shape or form; eventually someone is going to reverse-engineer it and release it! Or more likely, like the failure of the Great Wall of China, somebody will just bribe one of the gatekeepers.

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