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Comment UI in general is getting worse (Score 4, Insightful) 863

the new design principles of cow path work flow, one way trap doors, modal dialogs, and above all the great mouse click god are destroying the metaphor. We are building for fools and soon only fools will be able to use it. A/B testing is the worst idea in UI design since the rubber eraser joystick that was on lap tops from people too cheap to buy a track pad.

Comment Re:Conversion (Score 1) 595

Those are what dollars and so on monetize.

BTC monetizes the infrastructure of anonymity, but does not enforce transactions. It's short of key differences between a token and a currency. Fiat is the ability to create currency, but fiat does not come by fiat. A real currency is one that can command an economy capable of enforcing its will. This is why the money of many countries is called "junk" currency - the country can't actually enforce its writ.

Comment Re:Conversion (Score 1) 595

Divisibility is not a part of being a currency. Divisibility dates back to grain as currency in Sumeria. Your interlocutor may be a fanatic, but that does not mean he's always wrong. Of course the BTC want to talk about divisibility as a way of convincing people that infinite deflation isn't a problem. that they will still be able to pay BTC tax on their transactions, since they won't be holding BTC for long, and that, not the divisibility, is the issue. No one actually wants to do business in BTC, they only want to use it as a proxy or as a chip in a game.

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