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Comment Re:Python (Score 1) 799

I learnt C++ as my first language. I read a book and got it all wrong (writing code in .h files for instance).
By the time, information was scarce and the internet was just a sea of porn (wait, it still is, but you wouldn't find anything else useful).
Now I wish I learnt to program in Ruby.

My cousin was trying to program in Python. I answered a lot of his questions by IM. Thing is, he got confused by Python's identation.
I think it is a bad thing to new programmers. Also he doesn't speak english (we're brazilian) so there is few free material for him.
Ruby wouldn't solve this problem. But I think it is easier to understand the code in ruby.

Comment Zeebo (Score 3, Informative) 53

No mention to the Zeebo console being tested in Brazil.
Zeebo is a download only console, meant for 3rd world countries (where pirating is high).
Though in my opinion it is a bit expensive (US$250, which is more than the monthly minimum wage in Brazil). If they don't make the games really inexpensive, it will fail miserably. Another missing feature is browsing the internet.
You can learn more about it here:

Comment Re:Eliminates weeds better than herbicides? (Score 1) 243

One other note -- sure it's inexpensive now, since there is an incredible amount of wasted human hair. But if this were ever deployed widely, I think we'd see prices of shorn hair go up, and I question whether there'd be enough to meet demand until it cost the same as other methods.

Well, there are human hair wigs, which are quite expensive.
True, you only sell your hair for a good price if it is long and shiny (or whatever).

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