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Comment Re:.Net / Typescript (Score 1) 536

The way I see it historically there were large differences between what you could do with VB.Net and C#
but with each newer framework those differences have become less and less to the point where it's now just a question of syntax
since both compile down to IL anyways

Personally I can write in C / C++ and understand C# if I want to
I just find the syntax easier / quicker to write, my brain is just more in tune with VB .Net rather than C#
although I recognise it can work the other way as well

With C# for example every line needs a terminating semicolon which is something inherited from the old C days (I find that irritating)
with VB .Net it assumes every line is independent, if you want to put mutiple lines of code on one line you can use a colon :, or an underscore to continue a line which in practice just feels to work out better
also if blocks / while blocks / other blocks are a bit more clearly defined with If / End If, While End While rather than curly braces { } for every block type

I see it as just personal preference in terms of syntax at this stage since essentially both are the same framework / to the point you can easily convert one to the other

Comment .Net / Typescript (Score 2) 536

I work in a medium sized software development company, and we work exclusively with .Net usually Visual Basic
C# is also an option in .Net land, typically with the newer frameworks the differences functionality wise are fairly minor
we started with .Net 2,0 web forms and are now on .Net 4.0, everything is backwards compatible as far as I can tell between frameworks
Another direction would be php, or something more specialised such as Ruby for example

If you want rapid development cycles then having intelisense / auto completion / linq / entity framework is definitely something to look into
these languages are server side, you also may want to consider how much of your website wants to be written in client side languages such as javascript. Personally I'm planning on learning Typescript which is a subscript of javascript, basically easier to write and more class based with intelisense

It all comes down to what kind of functionality you want to put into your web apps, and what your developers feel comfortable with

Comment Re:It's about time. (Score 1) 731

In the UK we've had this for ages, I can't comment on how secure it is but it's very easy to use
you just insert the card into a small reader, and use the same pin number as you use for the cash machine

There is a form of wireless chip and pin called contact less
It's actually NFC which is sort of the next generation of RFID (not sure how secure it is), and is limited to about £20 or so for purchases
you just swipe your wallet over the same chip and pin reader to pay for something under £20 (although you do have to watch out when you have multiple cards)

In the near future you'll be able to load an app onto your phone from the bank to allow contactless from the phone (we don't have that just yet)
I was surprised at the US at the lack of it, but I suspect a lot of things is cash in hand over there (no sales tax)

Comment Re:Send criminals (Score 3, Interesting) 176

Or how about Mars big brother
it should be fun to watch the 'astronauts' or contestants slowly lose they're sanity while trapped in a metal can on the way to mars
being watched on camera everywhere they go
of course you'd have to dedicate a large chunk of the craft to the cameras and the big chair
and to keep those supplies coming, we need ratings
send a couple of bots called Huey Dewey And Louie (see Silent running), or for a bit more deranged fun how about that bot from Saturn 3

Comment No Documentation (Score 1) 240

One of the main problems at the moment I can see is the lack of docs
and I'm not talking about the GPU, but the GPIO pins for SPI / A/D etc
it's pretty clear looking at the forums that they're not targeting it at the hobbyist for interfacing, but instead at just being used as a basic terminal in 3rd world countries

Reading through the forums the SoC has no datasheets available for it for interfacing
the SoC can't be purchased separately outside of the site (less of an issue given the soldering problems)
They've suggested that there will be docs later on for the GPIO's but that it's going to come much later on
So if your planning to use it as something other than a cut down PC your out of luck

A shame really as I wanted something like this for the .Net Micro Framework as a sort of more advanced version of the netduino (64K Ram vs 256Mb Arm11)

Comment Re:Edison reaching out from beyond the grave (Score 1, Interesting) 462

When it comes to high voltages one of the other advantages AC has is safety
with High Voltage DC the muscles in your hand would tend to grip / contract or hold onto a conductor
AC on the other-hand just tends to throw you off as it's alternating back and forth at 50 or 60 times a second
The longer your in contact the more chance you have of suffering burns, or your heart stopping

I'd guess 12V / 24V is probably the best, as it's low enough not to be a safety risk (think car battery)
and at the same time most PC Hardware tends to run on a combination of 12V / 5V anyway (converting from 12 to 5 is trivial)
Having an AC to DC conversion on the side of the wall then running a cable to each rack perhaps in a ring configuration might be the way to go
probably depends on the amount / size / thickness of cabling you can fit in to each rack / under the flooring

When they talk about losses, usually it's over long distance over a few miles or between substations
although I have heard that you can get losses of a few volts of AC between opposite sides of a hanger for example
but that's likely to be less controlled / more dirty than regulated DC within a Datacenter
Also with 12V there may be a lot less cost in terms of replacing the server PSU's as it's already closer to what you already need

Of course the most important thing is that we'd need some form of new standard plug
perhaps a different colour and some extra pins for future expansion
perhaps google should ask apple, I hear they're good with plug design :)

Comment Re:Attach to a Cat (Score 1) 761

1) Find a nearby cat
2) Attach said device to cat (duct tape, collar or other means)
3) Watch Federal Officers attempt to retrieve they're hardware
after they realize your car can now climb walls, cross gardens and go through back doors with ease
4) Hilarity ensues
5) ... Profit

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