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Comment Re:Slashdot (Score 1) 155

I'm convinced that the new owners of Slashdot have a big stake in Bitcoin

Naw. The old owners pushed Bitcoin stories... minimum one story per week. It was annoying then, too.

I suspect the new guys just haven't figured out where the Bitcoin-story-approval cron job is being run from.

Comment Re:That isn't advice (Score 2) 750

Paying $3 for a cup of coffee every morning for 40 years = $43,800

Worse yet, there are people who will regularly leave their home/workplace and drive somewhere for the sole purpose of getting a cup of coffee and bringing it back to where they were. Sometimes they'll do this multiple times per day!

Comment Re:A True Christmas Miracle (Score 1) 283

And thus we learned that the true meaning of Christmas is not in buying whatever mass-produced junk is trendy at the moment, but in joining together in anger on the internet.

Hear, hear. MY favorite part in the celebration is still where we all gather around the tree and call each other "Nazi"... never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

Comment I'm prepared... (Score 1) 263

Got my back button primed and everything.

I appreciate that people have gotta make money, but I'm not paying for a news subscription. Someone needs to figure out a sane microtransaction platform sooner than later.

Comment Seems like a waste of time (Score 2) 177

Not saying that the entire process isn't shady as hell, but I'm honestly a bit puzzled why anyone would bother... it's been obvious to anyone with half a clue that Pai was going to ram this through with zero consideration of opposing viewpoints, so what's the point in faking a million comments either way?

Comment Re:Unconvincing Tantrum (Score 1, Flamebait) 308

It seems like if CloudFlare can legally slow down traffic of any arbitrary individual they don't like, legally, we've already lost the battle.

As soon as the FCC makes it legal, the battle is lost.

Personally, I think that the instant the FCC votes to kill net neutrality, every Internet service should just geoblock Pai's home zip code. Don't just slow it down or put up a protest interstitial; just silently drop every packet.

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