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Comment Re:The Microsoft Word of PDF viewers (Score 1) 82

I've always had issues with sumatra, it seems to render some datasheets incorrectly, every now and again it'll consume 100MB+ ram, though that goes away when closing reopening pdfs, but most annoying is it'll happly stretch and print landscape documents on portrait (though you told it not too) and create several megabyte files to send to the xerox (which it really doesn't like).

Im having better look with foxit, even if it isn't as light weight.

Comment Re:Not really relevant, but what's with the clones (Score 1) 396

I write code (Ansi C) and design hardware for Atmel/PICs/PSoC devices almost exclusively in work. I have however been wanting to write games, in my own time, because it has always interested me. However the idea for a game i have is quite complex, though not graphically intensive, and im not entirely certain where to start.

However, that would not be the first game a write. I would write tick tack toe, tetris or pong. Why? The game rules are simple and I know how they are handled. It would be a nice intro into writing games. I would then likely modify the game, just to see what I can do and if I and others like it, hell why not try to make a couple quid with it, worse that can happen is market forces say no and I have just the experience of doing it as a reward.

But maybe thats just me.

P.s. If anyone does know of a good intro to game making (Win/Linux/Mac 2D stuff), point me that way?

Comment Removal Of Religion? (Score 2, Interesting) 286

Religion, whilst not game changing as many other factors (Hello pratorians!), made an interesting difference to diplomacy and a slight boost to gold. It was also useful to spread to opponents cities to allow spying/gold generation, and was one of the few reasons to consider open borders. It'll be interesting to see how the civics will be altered to reflect the lack of religion. On a side note anyone know of a decent guide to get Civ 4 (or generic guide for games) running under Ubuntu 9.10 x64 with ATI propriety drivers (HD4600)? I've got it working on a different comp using a Geforce card but not the ATI.

Comment Halo: ODST (Score 4, Informative) 107

No it didn't change anything, it was pretty much a Halo 3 expansion which cost more. It didn't really play much differently (For a non augumented human, an ODST is still strong enough to beat a brute to death with his rifle).
Halo 2 was worse than 3, but they were good games, not great. After the first time round theres not much else to it (unless you hunt easter eggs etc.). The only reason we still play Halo 3 is because its one of the few games that support 4 player spilt screen and LAN at the same time, so with a couple large TVs and 2 consoles we can quickly play 3v3/4v4, or have 2 per screen for co-op. Its odd such games (Im looking at you Call Of Duty) allow 4 player split screen, but as soon as you try a lan game your limited to 1 per console.

Comment Re:Seems useful enough... (Score 1) 62

i own 4 Mad Catz for the original xbox, can't fault them, they really have survived the test of time. On this basis I bought a wired Mad Catz controller for the 360, lasted a month before it wore out. The only plus side was I had a 360 pad to tinker/mod (had an old amiga controller perfect for street fighter i modded with the 360 pad). I've got friends who don't rate there equipment these days either now.

Comment Re:If this were a nobody that was attacked (Score 1, Informative) 160

The patriot act comes to mind. (Which, btw, did nothing to stop Nidal Hasan from killing people.)

Dear Citizen,

The Patriot Act was infact a great help it stopping Nidal Hasan from killing more people than he did! Infact, if we allow full wiretapping, remove all that paperwork that gets in the way of stopping police from stopping and searching you, as well as any probable cause requirements involved, this would never have happenned! It just turns out the soft liberal types, who are first to defend cartoon depictions of child pornography, obviously direct support for paedophiles I might add, which prevents us from keeping you safe from terrorists (You do remember 9/11 right?).

Our inability to stop and hold suspects without probable cause gives them time to destroy all evidence of there terrorist or paedophilic activities! This is why it is vital to detain them imediately so that such evidence can be found, and justice served! Won't you please think of the children?

Signed, Your bought Politician.

For those interested they can already do this in the UK, US I'm not so sure.

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